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Example sentences for disturb

What the book biz wants is words that won't disturb, outrage or frighten.
None of the other five crewmen were stirring, so as not to disturb the experiment with any vibrations.
Officer responded and asked him to speak at a lower volume and not disturb people.
Critics say this might disturb the toxic sediment lying on the lake bottom, while ice scouring might rupture the pipe.
If you try to measure it directly, you necessarily disturb it.
My fear is that it would disturb the bottom to such an extent that marine life would be affected.
The descent engines were designed to disperse exhaust as widely as possible, to disturb the landing site as minimally as possible.
The way reference services are delivered there would intrigue some and disturb others.
The red is important because bright lights disturb the creatures in the deep sea where it's typically dark.
No phones, no awkward interruptions disturb their peace.
Now plans for demolition have been shelved in favor of a renovation, which backers believe would disturb the site less.
Frank's view should disturb anyone who thinks psychotherapy has a scientific basis.
Any shift in noise or light is likely to disturb me.
Environmentalists warn that it could disturb the habitat of the endangered desert tortoises.
There was a soccer field right next to us, but he hadn't wanted to disturb the game.
But, it continues to disturb me when blatant lies are made.
Only dolphins and the occasional shark fin breaking the surface disturb the horizon and hint at something more.
They wouldn't disturb the wildlife any more than a large bird would.
Some people let their toy breeds run around and disturb larger dogs.
It doesn't disturb me at all to see that the video exists.
The examples here aren't bad, though, even if some of them disturb the exhibition's air of privileged relaxation.
When something disturb you than it is not a place to talk about.
There are several parts of this that really disturb me.
Any redevelopment on this scale will disturb sentimentalists.
They were coming in trying to disturb our picket lines, and the more they disturbed our picket lines, the more they got beat up.
Providing some cash won't disturb the other rewards of learning, rewards that are intrinsic to the process itself.
Peace of mind consists in a contempt for everything that may disturb it.
Woe be to any one who would have attempted to disturb the buried treasure.
At the year's end, when he found they had not made any attempt to disturb him, he resolved to make another journey.
He was all right, she said, but a visit from his parents might disturb him.
The locking-in time had come and nothing was allowed to disturb it until the book was finished.
For the children, there is a special time and place so that they will not disturb the elders.
Someone notes that there's one set of footprints going to the lander and back, and wonders who would dare disturb the site.
Determining whether your activity is likely to disturb nesting bald eagles.
We concur that the work described under this permit will not disturb historic sites.
We do not concur that the work described under this permit will not disturb historic sites.
None of these activities will disturb eagles if conducted during the non-nesting season.

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