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Example sentences for distrustful

But you have to be also a little bit suspicious, a little bit distrustful.
Nevertheless, the mainlanders are still distrustful.
The good german cook always had been a little distrustful of her.
One can be distrustful of government in a healthy manner and still respect that.
That, and the current financial turmoil, has rendered them distrustful of conventional banking.
That's another reason to be distrustful of the profession.
Some lend their trust easily, while others are more suspicious and distrustful.
The cruelty of the fraudulent ones is that they will inevitably make us distrustful of the true ones.
Forest managers often fail to understand why local communities can seem so distrustful of them.
They are distrustful of strangers and generally do not seek out affection from them.
They may be distrustful of the left-behind parent and question why that parent did not try harder to get them back.
Traumatic experiences often leave people feeling unsafe and distrustful of others.
Parents are more distrustful of vaccines, and sometimes demand alternate schedules or even no vaccines.
They should entice play by people who may be unfamiliar with computer capabilities and are distrustful of computers.
Reviews of managerial actions and decisions by higher organizational levels add to a distrustful working environment.
Defendant was distrustful, expected people to mistreat him, and lacked concern about other people.
Mature ravens lose this sense of curiosity becoming, in turn, highly distrustful of anything unfamiliar.

Famous quotes containing the word distrustful

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