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The district has caught national headlines for its corruption, budget woes, and low test scores.
Entrepreneurs in the district welcome the attention.
Nevertheless, he succeeded in populating the entire district in record time, creating a pattern for many later settlements.
Officials then turned the phones over to the district attorney's office, which began a criminal investigation.
The appellate panel's ruling sends the case back to the district court for further proceedings.
The district attorney filed a motion to dismiss the charges.
The computers are officially owned by the district and placed on long-term loan with the teachers.
Eight people were killed and some four-fifths of the commercial district destroyed.
Most of its revenues come from tolls and fares, and the district loses money.
The theater district is lined with finds guaranteed to entice last-minute shoppers.
Start in the design district, known for its furniture and housewares shops, on the street's south end.
Otherwise, the district's gunmen will not let the ambulance through.
The justices today let stand district-court and appellate-court rulings that had sided with the university.
These thrifty people are not only crowding into the tenements of this once exclusive district- they are buying them.
His mighty landscapes lie still unshaken in a secure district of the human imagination.
We can start locally at the district and country level and then move globally.
They headed out, and once they were clear of the district, the dealer picked up the conversation.
Therefore, the district has to cover the cost of each nip and tuck itself.
The commercial district along that thoroughfare is only about six blocks long.
At a minimum, it was easily within the district court's discretion to conclude that he should.
The district attorney wanted a trial, and so did we.
If you want my opinion, our old district was a lot better off when the crowned heads of the world were busy neglecting it.
He rented space in a warehouse in a gritty industrial district of auto-body shops about a five-minute drive from his house.
The district attorney dismissed the charge five days later.
If hearings go on for years, the district leadership should be held accountable.
The district court is the state trial court of general jurisdiction.
One school district finally decides that the only way to get better is to get smaller.

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