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The seeds were to be distributed to school children and planted.
But because of their otherwise stealthy habits, ringtails generally go unnoticed even in areas where they are widely distributed.
For the first time, too, it could be distributed over great distances.
It was divided into a number of pieces, and distributed in great form to the company.
As a result, so much of what is distributed about us is misinformed or distorted.
But there is another solution: distributed generation, or locating power systems directly at a large business user's premises.
From this plexus filaments are distributed to the back of the pericardium.
Peripherally the fibers are supposed to be distributed to the various organs supplied by the sympathetic efferent fibers.
The place where the almoner resides, or where alms are distributed.
They are thickly distributed over the anterior two-thirds of its dorsum, giving to this surface its characteristic roughness.
Other longitudinal fibers, more diffusely distributed, arise from the cells of the gray substance of the pons.
Marcella was scourged by them for the treasures which she had long before distributed among the poor.
In fifty months twenty-one million free rations were distributed at a cost of over four million dollars.
Whatever he could spare from his own subsistence he distributed among other needy persons.
Not all problems are best solved using the distributed clusters that underpin grids.
But the benefits of recovery seem to have been distributed almost entirely to the owners of capital rather than workers.
But this was no pamphlet distributed samizdat-style.
But it would also help if existing ones were distributed to those who need them.
Body weight is distributed in many different ways, and clothing sizes are unreliable guides.
Distributed computing would allow their wasted processor cycles to be put to good use.
These changes have brought higher rewards for high-skilled workers and thus affected the way earnings from work are distributed.
Engineers have long had a word for systems whose powers are widely dispersed: distributed.
It has strings attached, whose effect is to decouple revenue collection from the way the software was distributed.
When the drop has completely evaporated, these particles are more or less evenly distributed.
Resources are unevenly distributed throughout the world.
One reason is that resources, such as farmland and money, are not evenly distributed among the world's people.
Work is reproduced and distributed without their permission.
The map above shows how the population of the world is distributed.
Seeds from the soaring trees were collected and distributed, and it soon became a popular ornamental in home gardens.
They will learn about how the storms are different, how they are similar, and how they are distributed throughout the world.
The email addresses are deleted from our servers and not distributed to third parties or used for any other purposes.
The scientists believe the organisms are widely distributed in the northern seas.
Sailfish and sardines are migratory and widely distributed, with populations in multiple oceans.
Researchers also distributed rewards evenly among the monkeys, so that no one animal was consistently rewarded or shortchanged.
The results of those screenings, along with the spider venom, will be distributed to various commercial companies.
Besides being much younger, the white stars are much more loosely distributed than the yellow cluster.
Huts are distributed around a central corral, usually of coats.
It can also be decentralized to a high degree and provide distributed power.
Electric cars can have a symbiotic relationship with distributed roof-top solar-cells.
He therefore concluded that memories are not stored in any single area of the brain, but are instead distributed throughout it.
We learned too slowly that cheap and clean communications would be distributed.
Maybe some are already using distributed, multimedia, highly interactive learning environments.
Writers and scholars have difficulty getting their books printed, distributed, and read.
Uncorroborated claims are distributed to virtually everyone in the world.
The student complied, but the publication failed to be broadly distributed.
Clearly, the resources allowing for the growth of digital humanities are unevenly distributed.
Preferred experience and skills in working with geographically distributed team.
My fellow student told me that the money was beginning to roll in, and the first checks had been distributed.
The app is still in development, but a test version will be distributed among interested universities this fall.
The tools to record and distribute information about the world are too widely distributed.
In legal projects, many people are connected to many of the other people on a project and information is widely distributed.
What's perhaps more telling about the data is the way that skills are distributed around the country.
But some tech writers are frustrated by the ambiguity of how the data will be distributed.
At the top of the first frame, as the agents begin doing business, they are randomly distributed.
Forget about evenly distributed stalls clustered close together.
Until recently text was distributed through the printed page, which encouraged immersion in a single narrative or argument.
Add the flax seed soaker and using your hands or the mixer, continue mixing until the seeds are evenly distributed.
The benefits of global capitalism are unevenly distributed.
Low-cost computers, called clients, were distributed onto people's desks.
There is already a lot of talk about turning the power grid on it's head via distributed generation.
The quick expansion of social and mobile technologies is creating a widely distributed workforce.
Part of the big picture of the future of computing is portability, following a highly distributed paradigm.
He says that sensors are cheap enough now that they can be distributed throughout a building, even in the ductwork.
T he quick expansion of social and mobile technologies is creating a widely distributed workforce.
Companies will have to learn how to overcome those challenges for the distributed office of the future to succeed.
After a few years, the original molecules will be evenly distributed throughout the lower atmosphere.
Oh the irony that this is being distributed exclusively on college campuses.
He found that his galactic redshifts took on only certain discrete values instead of being randomly distributed.
They were distributed to scientists around the world and led to the vaccine for polio and many other diseases.
Africans are distributed across the unrooted tree, while non-Africans seem to be nested within a subset of nodes.
Coal fires are as ancient and as widely distributed as coal itself.
Perhaps, for example, their genes were already sparsely distributed.
He himself made nineteen copies of this work and distributed them to his friends.
They then relate these variables to how income is distributed in each society.
Once it is published, he will have it distributed for free.
All of these monies were distributed notoriously inefficiently.
In order to understand such environmental ambition, it's important to realize how energy is distributed.
With fork incorporate surrounding flour until fat is evenly distributed.
There are free tickets distributed to sit in the bleachers and reserved areas to watch the parade, but few are available.
Use a spoon to make sure the pecans are distributed evenly.
Every ten minutes or so, coins would be distributed through a process that resembled a lottery.
Writer mentions a number of different items which were distributed and raffled off by various exhibitors.
Distributed generation refers to the production of electricity at or near the place of consumption.

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