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We have no plans to further distribute this particular program.
Contrary to popular belief, companies do actually distribute profits beyond shareholders.
She is planning to distribute them free, or for a nominal licensing fee, to those who want to learn.
They also included solar thermal collectors that distribute the sun's heat through a radiant floor system.
New research suggests that surface-generated eddies help distribute heat, chemistry and life at deep-ocean hydrothermal vents.
Free, elegant gift cards to distribute to your recipients.
It's no cheaper per unit to distribute a million copies than a hundred.
Slowly pour stock over cubes, tossing to distribute liquid.
If you distribute a paper syllabus, remember that the pages will come apart.
With compact-disc sales plummeting, record companies are rethinking how to distribute copyright music online.
Distribute a fourth transparency sheet to each group.
Actinium's long half-life, he adds, should make it effective against large tumors and easy to distribute widely.
Spreaders make it easy to distribute fertilizer evenly over a lawn.
The number of partnerships between display manufacturers and the heavy-set companies that will distribute them keep on coming.
It is a great deed to distribute water purification packets to those in need.
Know your rights when you sign contracts with publishers or others to distribute your work.
The main policy difference between the two is over how to distribute the rewards of growth.
So indicates research on how well bees distribute pollen across different types of cropland.
However, the team does not have a licence to distribute the compounds to other laboratories.
It would fit right in in almost any backyard and the portability helps distribute the fertilizer.
With no printing, warehousing or return costs, some say e-books should be cheaper to produce and distribute than print books.
Second, if it is your week to distribute writing, then you must circulate something.
Fiscal policy can distribute resources between different generations, sometimes deliberately and often inadvertently.
Distribute the materials to students or groups and encourage them to shape their clay into mountains.
Conversely, much power is needed to distribute clean water.
Palm became the latest handset maker to launch its own marketplace to distribute mobile software from independent developers.
Boilers usually use radiators to distribute the heat, while furnaces use ducts.
Maybe they can divert the gas into energy, saving the planet while they convert, store and distribute the energy.
There is nothing in the copyright law to prevent you from making your own electronic copies as long as you don't distribute them.
Distribute two different kinds of candy to each student.
As developed in my previous essays and publications, gravitation can be reduced to distribute.
In rural areas, factories use river currents to distribute runoff.
Flat-panel speakers distribute all frequencies equally, from both surfaces.
The cage is tethered to a control boat, which is to distribute food to the captive fish populations via tubes.
The oceanic currents distribute heat around the planet.
However, campaigns to distribute mosquito nets to rural areas have generated some successes.
Solar cells have the feature that they can distribute the power grid.
Waist straps help distribute your load for a more comfortable ride.
Distribute maps of a local shopping mall, if possible.
When axons burst open, they often distribute amyloid proteins through the neighboring brain tissue.
There is no, and that is no, reason to use or distribute toxins in the atmosphere or the waters.
Distribute the worksheet and have students research globalization.
Cash donations also allow agencies to avoid the labor-intensive need to store, sort, pack and distribute donated goods.
Distribute prunes over duck, pour liquid on top, sprinkle with toasted pine nuts and torn parsley.
They then distribute exams according to student names.
Distribute maps of your regions to groups of students.
It is intended to distribute them among the different benevolent, societies in the above cities.
There is a set number of steps that each college can distribute amongst its faculty.
Distribute a copy of the map supplement to each student.
He was charged with possession of and intent to distribute marijuana.
Distribute statistics on economic conditions in several different countries to student groups.
However, instead of reading through it together, distribute it to be read then book a meeting to discuss the contents of it.
The group plans to distribute leaflets calling attention to the situation.
Teachers may copy this page to distribute to their students.
There were all these other things that the rep wanted me to distribute to our adjuncts, but they didn't want them.
Distribute blank paper and colored markers or pencils.
Regardless of online filtering, it generally remains easier to distribute online scholarship than printed academic journals.
OU teaches students how to grow, distribute and market cannabis.
The study found that human cultures distribute themselves around the world in patterns similar to animal species.
What really needs to happen is to find new technologies that can distribute that food more efficiently.
Ask if there might be a way for a town organization to copy and distribute the pamphlets to community residents and visitors.
To distribute the crowds as evenly as possible is the effort of the authorities, where nothing better can be done.
The residue they distribute and give freely among them, whose help they had in the same war.
Leach installed pipelines from the mint's well to distribute water to residents until the mains could be repaired.
Later he was sentenced to five years in jail for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.
Hiking backpacks are generally larger-than-normal backpacks and they feature a frame to help distribute the weight on the back.
Print out the pages below, make copies and distribute them to your guests.
They face conspiracy to distribute heroin and possession of heroin charges.
One possible outcome is that the rapid melting of polar ice halts the ocean currents that distribute heat.
The grid is required to distribute energy geographically preferably starting from a few centers of production.
The tools to record and distribute information about the world are too widely distributed.
No one had done an app box before, and they were the only ones who could distribute it.
Video is now startlingly easy to produce, edit, and distribute.
Chilling the dough allows the moisture to distribute evenly.
The publisher is key, because he needs money to print and distribute the journal for its tiny community of readers.
There are also questions about how wisely federal officials will distribute funds.
The size in itself is not a problem: we'd naturally break up the battery and distribute it around the country.
In addition to outreach efforts by project members, print-outs are available on the website for anyone to distribute.
Add parsley to the mix and stir well so that all ingredients distribute evenly.
He gave his graduate students the money and instructed them to distribute it to the villagers.
Not only is a company that has no profits to distribute ill-advised to pay a dividend.
Top of their wish list is permission to distribute yuan-denominated mutual funds, which are increasingly popular among the rich.
They, in turn, will distribute it to steelmakers around the world-at a price.
If successful, these exits will provide welcome cash to distribute to investors, easing fresh fund-raising rounds.
The group even supplies flyers to print out and distribute.
No doubt, technology has altered the world of food, making ingredients easier to produce and faster to distribute globally.
Whoever has an upcoming deadline, or has work to distribute, asks if it can be reviewed at the next meeting.
Before each candidate arrives for the interview, distribute copies of his or her written materials to interviewers.
At the beginning of each month, you distribute the items already in the folder into specific days for dealing with them.
The college has combined both of those technologies to offer the flash drives they will distribute to all students this fall.
In some gardens, a percentage of food is donated to agencies that distribute fresh produce to shelters and soup kitchens.
Instead, the company uses peer-to-peer sharing algorithms to distribute data across a user's devices.
The earlier plastic was a new material, and proved difficult to market and distribute.
That's because ethanol can't be transported in the same pipelines used to distribute gasoline.
Redundancy could distribute the brain throughout the body.
The gasoline bill does not show the kWh lost when used to transport, refine and distribute gas.
If you can't distribute your product, it won't be used.
Archivists check the integrity of the downloaded data and then distribute it for storage.
We raise money and hire local artisans to make stuffed animals and distribute them in their communities.
As such, they haven't evolved the tendency to distribute the spoils of teamwork.
We write the knowledge down now, but don't widely distribute it.
Broadband connections will be a much simpler way to distribute movies, music, and software.
They would distribute it at the beginning of the meeting, and of course then everybody felt better.
The technological challenge is to capture it, distribute it and use it as efficiently as possible.
Knowledge is the property of the teacher, whose job is to distribute this to the students.
We get the money, buy the pills and distribute them.
There used to be a break-even point below which it was impractical to distribute a recording.
The results, he says, will have higher energy content than ethanol and will be easier to extract and distribute.
He talked of finding new, innovative ways to create content and how to distribute it.
Gently shake each plate to distribute the puree in an even layer.
And not until last week, after months of turndowns, did the producers find a company willing to distribute the film.

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