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Vulture funds are investment firms that buy securities of distressed companies and overleveraged countries.
After years of double-digit gains, college endowments are feeling the pinch from distressed financial markets.
Many private-equity firms and vulture funds with a longer history are, however, loth to buy distressed technology businesses.
Grace stood silently, appearing interested but not distressed.
Why don't they ask people if they are distressed at the idea of hallucinating.
Leave your puppy unattended for long enough and it'll become so filthy and distressed that it'll run away.
The distressed building has recently changed hands again.
Many of us are distressed by the lack of adequate tax revenues to fund the good things the government does.
While highly successful as buyers of distressed debt, the investors have no experience running a specialty retailer.
Some were morose, wringing their hands, visibly distressed over the process.
The distressed look has usurped the slick new look-out of choice, not necessity.
His group stayed, but suffered poor housekeeping and food service, effects of the distressed property's staff cutbacks.
With patience you may be able to find a distressed buyer or an estate sale.
Then there are distressed technology minnows, selling patents in the recession to raise the cash to survive.
The firm also said it planned to open a new fund focused on distressed investment in real estate.
He was a good student who seemed genuinely distressed.
She promised hefty federal guarantees to help lenders refinance distressed mortgages.
It is important to track distressed students throughout the semester.
Here you have a choice, depending on how distressed or gratified you would be if he or she were to leave.
For a long time he had been mentally distressed by fear of business reverses.
In these cases, distressed debt can be viewed as an extreme form of value investing.
News of our henpecked hen has been spreading through the office, and everyone is distressed about our coop dynamic.
He looked panicky and distressed for several days then sleep almost constantly for a few more days.
Features distressed school graphic in full color screen print.
Features distressed edge twill appliqué, embroidery, woven label and tech pocket.
In so critical a conjuncture, our martyrs declared themselves the visible protectors of that distressed church.
His charities to the distressed were excessive, especially considering his poverty.
Wilhelm was distressed about his friends, and in a less degree about his property.
When he came to the mantelpiece he shook his head and seemed distressed.
Minority students in particular were distressed at the prospect that a trusted commitment might be withdrawn.
Yet anecdotal evidence suggests that investors continue to have an impact, often scooping up great deals on distressed properties.
Over this period, home prices plummeted as foreclosures and distressed sales rose at unprecedented rates.
Distressed homeowners will be stuck with their higher interest rates.
Even the broader housing market will provide bigger discounts on distressed properties if there are more to choose from.
We are no more distressed at their proliferation than an owl is at a population explosion among field mice.
The home prices of many non-distressed borrowers probably can't be cut enough to entice more buyers to enter the market.
He would also create special business tax breaks for economically distressed districts.
Thoughtful people in general as well as unlucky patients have been distressed by some of the effects of specialization.
His was a faded name by the end, which must have distressed him.
They're interested in their dying and dead, they help stuck or distressed individuals, and they babysit each others' calves.
Not the impressions of twelve sets of distressed parents.
He was distressed to have brought something that did not appeal to them.
Sliding toward you in the foreground is a wonderfully shabby-or, as a decorator might say, distressed-red leather sofa.
He is seen as a scrappy, tough trader type who knows how to play hardball in the often brutal world of distressed debt.
Some distressed-debt firms are offering to buy claims from them at a reduced rate.
Whether or not talk of depression is borne out, defaults, distressed debt and deleveraging will be on the rise.
Companies did not want to sell at distressed prices and no one wanted to buy in the middle of a collapse.
As a bonus, the centre can also provide walking wounded and phone calls from distressed relatives.
As vain as he was vicious, he would have been distressed that this was the last image he left his public.
And with the economy distressed, that might get worse.
The philanthropist is in seclusion now-friends say he is stunned and distressed-but his is a story that deserves telling.
Distressed foundry molds are the newest frames for mirrors.
The permit for a distressed merchandise sale shall be issued for a period not to exceed thirty days.

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