distress call in a sentence

Example sentences for distress call

They began mounting a rescue mission before they received the first distress call.
Because the sea is vast, only when a large ship issues a distress call do foreign navies even know where to look for pirates.
Later reports indicated the crash was an accident, and the pilot had sent a distress call.
When a garbled distress call is sent out from the lab, a military rescue team is sent in to find out what happened.
They put in a phony distress call that is received by the mountain rescue team.
When you are in distress you can send a distress call to all stations.
The search and rescue efforts continued for approximately eight hours and ultimately revealed the distress call was a hoax.
Victims of crime suffer significant delays, waiting hours and even days for a response to a distress call.
As a result of electrical disturbances within the ash cloud, a flight crew may also lose the ability to transmit a distress call.
During the waiting game, a squirrel bark call or distress call can really get them barking, giving away their location.
The vessel sent a distress call and gave their current position.
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