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The hot trend in movie heroines is not the damsel in distress.
Each item was categorized into one of eight subscales that ranged from academic distress to alcohol use and abuse.
We evidently agree on very little, including personal decorum, so this particular difference should distress neither of us.
They listen at all hours for weather reports, distress calls, and reports of lost or found traps.
Outside the Fixers room, umbrellas in various stages of distress were being altered.
Emotional distress can touch off or worsen an asthma attack, though allergists doubt that emotions are ever the basic cause.
They see how they can help others in distress as well, he says.
The cubs were panting and mewling pitifully, clearly in distress; normally cubs stay in their den during the heat of the day.
Some airports broadcast tape recordings of bird-distress calls.
I'm no marriage counselor, but I recognize true signs of spousal distress.
Often before a power cable goes, it gives off a few subtle signs of distress.
At no point did you say anything about emotional distress or the actual suffering of the psychopath.
They began mounting a rescue mission before they received the first distress call.
Although they are notoriously shy, they sometimes freeze in place when in distress, making them easier to catch.
To them it augured distress, earthquakes, perhaps a devastating war.
She recalled hearing that peppers cause intestinal distress.
Members of the third team arrived and with obvious distress reported what had happened.
Originating within the heart itself, unrelated to brain signals or emotional distress, these arrhythmias can disrupt blood flow.
His experiments with fire ants suggest that the ant hot line for distress or danger may be acoustic.
The distress resulted from fluid overload of the medications we'd injected.
The cord had become crimped, stopping blood flow--hence the fetal distress.
His odd interests and spiteful behaviour have led to difficulty in forming friendships and have caused distress to others.
If left too long they can cause some distress and discomfort for the dog as they will cause the fur to matt and pull together.
Children with neurological disorders are often suffering from severe gastrointestinal distress and inflammation.
My sincere apologies for the distress that this article has caused.
According to studies, depression and general psychological distress.
But the ordinary action of helping a fellow creature in distress doesn't require faith at all.
He alleged intentional infliction of emotional distress, intrusion upon seclusion, and civil conspiracy.
But rich people are the natural scapegoats for economic distress.
The many forms of suffering and distress have been accredited to the obvious instead of being traced to their true source.
Because the sea is vast, only when a large ship issues a distress call do foreign navies even know where to look for pirates.
Now, it's worth considering to what degree decorative trauma functions as a mental screen for more-troubling kinds of distress.
Whoever was in distress was sure not only of his sympathy, but of his hand and purse.
One's own capacity for exposing oneself to human distress on this scale turns out to be small.
Yet our distress comes from no failure of substance.
Shut not thy purse-strings always against painted distress.
He who follows idleness shall find it the path to distress.
It is pleasant, when the sea runs high, to view from land the great distress of another.
Acquaintances avoid stopping her with long conversation that could not but torture and distress her.
Sometimes, as with the outlook for the swine-flu pandemic, progress and distress compete in the same story.
And in the midst of economic distress, the protectionists won.
The immediate cause of everyone's distress is an untoward sequence of weather events.
Three things will now determine whether this marks the beginning of the end of the crisis-or the start of even deeper distress.
Dire distress provoked swift action, and that is morally excellent.
Happily for the dealers, there has been a bit of distress recently.
In stressful times people retreat to safer currencies, even if those currencies belong to the country in distress.
The price in unemployment and distress in the housing market would be too great.
It was also more accurate: the final image caused the witness visible distress when displayed.
After all, a high interest rate can be a symptom of a currency in distress.
Keynesians are right that deficits, so far, have been more a symptom than a source of economic distress.
Others will say that it was a mistake all along to embark on expensive reform at a time of acute economic distress.
It is better to think in terms of the sort of imbalances that tend to generate future financial distress.
However, those who had actually been in the waiting room showed little distress in any of the three cases.
Kim's suggestions are a coffee percolator and a fan, perfect to waft you gently from sleep to wakefulness with minimal distress.
McCarthy laughed off the questions, but signs of distress were evident.
Only gradually did they realize the cause of their distress.
Sobs start slowly, soft hiccups of distress escalating into wails of despair.
Even for those closest to her, the extent of her distress was unfathomable.
Often, he writes about the need to help someone in distress physically or emotionally.
The virus can be triggered by outside stress, such as exposure to sunlight, a fever or emotional distress.
His distress was so apparent that officials reportedly allowed him entry.
That's partly because the government has become so acutely responsive to signs of distress.
My reaction from the beginning was one of severe distress.

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