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Example sentences for distraught

Despite the attempted clinical detachment of the nurse's description, it was obvious that she was upset, even distraught.
Another is distraught after an offer of a permanent job was withdrawn.
Eighth grader Amy is distraught about her best friend moving to the middle of nowhere.
It came when I was weary and distraught.
But she was also distraught when the prosecutors subpoenaed her home computer.
Food addiction can form where one turns to food when they are physically in pain, emotionally distraught or simply bored.
He's just too distraught in this case to care.
He was deeply distraught.
She skipped school because she was too emotionally distraught.
My wits distraught, and all my sence amaz'd.
On his way out he became so distraught that he broke down and cried.
Others were distraught over the unclear fate of children living on the outside.
Distraught families of infested schoolchildren frequently resort to home remedies.
Demetrius was so distraught about jeopardizing his future career, he considered calling the coach back and signing.
Distraught, they threw away a lot of the damaged prints and negatives.
She is understandably distraught by her sudden change of fortunes.
They are less likely to be glamorous than to be angry, distraught, and in pain.
Seated next to the bed is the visibly distraught husband.
In the last song, he begs a distraught organ grinder for his companionship.
Stern-faced customs officials will pry them from the fingers of distraught border-crossing toddlers, if necessary.
Families with children were distraught and people were in tears.
Distraught local people fished out the dead and searched frantically for survivors.
Distraught, she hoped and prayed there was an explanation inside.
As the photographers' flashes went off, the press corps milled around awkwardly in the hallway, staring at this distraught family.
Which helps explain why the financially distraught are searching high and low for help.
My children are completely distraught over the events.
Her low self esteem, failing marriages and traumatic childhood left her emotionally distraught.
Work may require contact with emotionally distraught or devastated injured workers and their families.
Distraught, but vowing to continue his fight against an entrenched political establishment, the exhausted senator then collapsed.
The narrative poem tells the tale of a distraught lover who is visited by a mysterious raven.
He has reportedly been distraught over personal matters and is believed to have entered the river at some point.
Work occasionally involves exposure to people in crisis situations who may be distraught, hostile or physically violent.
Some jobs require extensive public contact, sometimes with distraught customers.
Frequently exposed to individuals who are distraught, hostile or abusive.
Considerable tact and persuasion is required in dealing with citizens who may be or become irate or distraught.
Exposed to individuals who are distraught, violent or abusive.
Resolving problems for customers who may be distraught.
He was too distraught to remember the name of the family's recently deceased dog.
Other contacts may happen only as problems occur and some callers may be distraught, irate, or abusive.
Work may require contact with abusive and/or emotionally distraught injured workers.
Occasionally exposed to individuals who are distraught, violent or abusive.

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May she be granted beauty and yet not Beauty to make a stranger's eye distraught, Or hers before a looking-... more
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