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If remediation of lack of preparation for post-secondary work was not factored out, then the cost distortion will be significant.
One of the key features of a tax system is the distortion it causes.
Such a breach results in distortion of hearing and, often, impaired balance.
The distortion might still be visible, but it won't be distinct.
What is surprising is that such a distortion of global statistics might be possible.
The entire planet comes into stunning focus using a new technique that removes atmospheric distortion.
During collapse, the time distortion stops the collapse.
Worse, our memories are vulnerable to contamination and distortion.
It's a government distortion that would hinder global growth.
In other words, there are two levels of distortion at work.
The scan also revealed some odd x-ray-opaque blobs in her soft tissues and a distortion of certain bones.
It is a bewildering, rambling compilations of disjointed news-clippings taken completely out of context for maximum distortion.
Minimal scratching and distortion in audio recordings.
Disinformation and distortion obstruct all sensible tax reform.
There are ways in which digital processing actually removes distortion from images.
Eating something fatty at the zig-zag rainbow vision distortion stage seems to prevent the usual blinding headache and nausea.
If you have a distortion pedal, for example, you could make all your delays sound crunchy and messed-up.
And what little distortion speculators may cause is soundly trumped by the service they provide.
The polarized gray lenses are tough, and they create minimal distortion.
Here, the media has done a poor job, raising the strake for confrontation through distortion.
The widescreen image distortion easily gives it away.
But if this paints a picture of bucolic peace, it would be a serious distortion.
The amount of disinformation and distortion in the comments above does a real disservice to scientific integrity.
Add the second channel for anything from a slight crunch to grin-inducing distortion.
With this book there are three kinds of uncheckable possible distortion.
The distortion is a pronounced curvature of local spacetime.
The video is also cropped so viewers can see it on their phone without significant distortion.
Your study has show nothing but your illusory, and imaginary distortion of the facts with no conclusive evidence.
There's virtually no distortion as the platter accelerates to full speed.
There may also be distortion of the signal as the wire goes through the electromagnetic environment of the plasma.
Its processor compares input and output waveforms to detect distortion.
Your comments are a calculated distortion of the record.
Amplifiers at each pixel serve to minimize distortion.
But it's also a distortion to give students the opposite message in undiluted form.
Then he'd open up, letting loose his blues growl and kicking in the distortion.
Only in the case you had had no education at all, this distortion would escape you.
One distortion invites another, which creates the need for a third.
The cause of this fuzziness is known as multipath distortion.
It would be a distortion to portray the whole region as a zone of permanent conflict.
In their simple-minded, artificial way, no less a vulgarization of taste and a distortion of reality.
The report identifies causes of possible distortion in the figures.
The problem is that the valid criticisms are buried under a heap of error, muddle and deliberate distortion.
The one thing is that the image clearly has some distortion.
To correct the images, they will project an artificial laser star into space and measure light's distortion on the return trip.
The result is a super wide-angle webcam with the trademark curved distortion of a fisheye.
However, even when the distortion is intentional it's still rarely rises to the level of outright fraud.
So the picture must be accepted as a trifling but sometimes amusing distortion of life-and little more.
Yet another problem with government gathering and use of personal data is distortion.
He knew the world of hyperbole and distortion he was in.
For that matter, high volume also induces distortion, so it's not a good solution even in the short run.
Their continuing campaign of defamation, lies and distortion will be resolved in court.
Obviously both are oversimplifications, but read these articles and consider which is a grosser distortion of the truth.

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