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The media plays a role in promoting unrealistic expectations for body image and a distorted cultural drive for thinness.
It seems incredible that such an archaic and distorted view of the value of faculty work persists in academia.
Where misgovernance has distorted pay, it should be put right.
Millions of years later, erosion brought the badly crushed and distorted bones back to the surface.
Our perception is distorted by speed limit breakers.
Try drawing your hand when you can't see it--your picture is likely distorted.
Stunted, twisted growth and oddly distorted flowers are the symptoms of aster yellows, a disease that often shows up in midsummer.
Phone quality was mixed and loud speakers fail to compensate for somewhat distorted music playback.
The photo was slightly distorted inadvertently due to an error during routine processing.
And important reforms are distorted by political haggling.
It may be the facts are simply distorted or the story is a cover up.
They would look distorted and inaccurate, as sculptures without their paint are inaccurate.
The result can be a terribly distorted picture of reality at the higher echelons of command.
Often objects in the central vision look distorted and dim, and colors look faded.
Both banking industries have to cope with a distorted retail market.
The press, again, distorted the war by showing body bags.
Sensationalist headlines which are grossly distorted does not have a place in what is supposed to be considered a serious journal.
Distorted realitY, odd grim colors, heavily decorated door.
It's almost impossible to sweep the device straight and steady enough to get an image that isn't faded or distorted.
The academic product is over valued and the market is distorted.
In others are several unfortunates distorted almost beyond recognition.
However, they have not attempted to correct any of the obviously egregiously distorted data.
And yet for over a hundred years, feature films have played with science's facts and distorted its principles and theories.
Tinny, distorted highs and crunchy lows makes for an awful aural experience.
They complain of irritating feedback and distorted sound.
Some argue that governments can help a lot by getting out of the way in what has been a woefully distorted market.
It's cost is artificially distorted by excessive environmental regulation.
Otherwise, your palette can get too distorted early in the process.
It fades over time and is distorted by our beliefs, desires and interests.
Yet breakneck economic development has cut corners, distorted priorities and created big conflicts of interest.
Unfortunately, this rather simple message got distorted.
The distorted voting rights simply enable and accentuate the management team's ability to do what it wants.
If any lines appear distorted or broken, note their location on the grid.
The statistics for those who hold securities are also distorted.
But in fact, many of the more telling details wind up being significantly distorted.
As a result, fans are beginning to turn away in disgust, fed up with tainted athletes and distorted games.
Climate change and distorted markets make it more compelling.
There is more much more to come on the science and how it has been distorted.
Local prices may be distorted by trade barriers on beef, sales taxes, or big differences in the cost of property rents.
The effect of growth was distorted by currency movements.
Let me draw a distorted view of the log so that the important distances can be seen.
The majority of columns are still straight and have not distorted.
Well, that figures, since your view of the world is so distorted by leftist ideology.
Both the nuclear and nonnuclear components of the weapons transform over time, distorted by age and fluctuating temperatures.
Any system with distorted incentives creates distorted results.
To get an account, you have to identify a randomly generated word that's been slightly stretched and distorted.
In severe cases of lateral curvature of the vertebral column the thorax becomes much distorted.
Nothing unnatural or distorted can ever be becoming.
The form of an idiom is distorted, without confusion with another.
The procrastination is a distorted defense, avoiding evaluation, especially avoiding anything less than perfection.
She mentions one that has crept into books, in what she says is distorted form.
His many critics, however, believe that he distorted it.
The money people made this film during a cynical, distorted contest for supremacy among themselves.
One: the extent to which it was animal spirits and mistakes versus distorted incentives.
My every action is misjudged and every word distorted.
Researchers say online recommendation systems can be distorted by a minority of users.
It seems to be a backward process rather than productive that can be distorted by bureaucracies.
Yes, the corn market has been badly distorted over decades by farm subsidies.
As they did the night before, the candidates at times distorted the truth on a variety of topics.
They have a basis in reality-but reality as distorted by a misconception.
He thought any market interference dangerously distorted the value of money.
They'll likely say they find distorted the view back from the mirror.
The outcome is easily manipulated or distorted by question wording, election timing, and deceptive advertising.
Unfortunately, our humane objectives were really distorted.
On the large scale of stars and planets, the field lines are caught up in the fluid motion and distorted.
Since they have gravity, our measurement of how far they have come is distorted in angle.
My meaning, which refers to a lesser technical point, was thus grossly distorted by this elision.
Scenes of childhood are played in brief microscopic clips that merge into dream and distorted recollection.
Londoners had learned to mistrust their newspapers, which frequently distorted the news as they lifted paragraphs from each other.
And many of these active galaxies are weirdly shaped, distorted, indicating they may have recently undergone a big collision.
The photos from the space shuttle clearly show how much the moon is distorted when viewed through the atmosphere.
Afterward, the study participants were asked to rate distorted photos of people they didn't know.
And experts say that excluding the new format leads to a distorted sense of what's popular with the public.
They distorted their economies in the name of diversification, for example by growing wheat in the desert.
But his pronouncements often distorted reality rather than imposed order on it.
Misguided subsidies, on everything from biofuels to mortgage interest, have distorted markets.
The result of lifelong immersion in distorted images has been distorted body image and increases in eating disorders.
If the legal framework for interrogations was distorted, the framework for contractors has at times been almost nonexistent.
In any case, the average p/e ratio in emerging markets may be distorted upwards because of a different industrial mix.
As long as the marginal investor is willing to bet against the index, prices will not be distorted.
From beef to cereals, world markets are distorted by rich country's cosseting of their farmers.
But instead of viruses or bacteria, what is being spread is a distorted protein known as tau.
They've all been distorted in one way or another, because the authors have hardly stuck to the facts.
People who have such visual hallucinations after taking drugs usually know that their perception is distorted.
High teenage jobless rates may also be distorted by other factors.
Treating detainees harshly only reinforces that distorted view, increases resistance to cooperation, and creates new enemies.
My daylily flowers are distorted and the petals have white spots and streaks.

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