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The writers of nature films and wildlife documentaries are so seriously afflicted in this way they distort science.
Each dream distorts your reality differently.
But, don't let fond childhood memories distort your financial sense.
They distort some facts and fabricate the rest.
People distort them, but science will always prevail when it comes to facts.
The water is cold and the lengthening shadows distort its depths.
And the administration is happiest when this does not distort what the department would otherwise be offering.
It infuriates me when people use my moniker and distort my messages.
It may distort the natural flow of commerce, services and transport.
Even when some discretion is allowed, it can distort the choices.
And natural daylighting is perfect for closets where you need to see clothes in light that doesn't distort colors.
They practise a thousand little arts that indirectly distort the truth.
The movements of the creature would disturb the setting of the plastic covering, and distort the mold.
No one's sure, but the pattern may repel insects or distort the animal's outline in dim light, confusing predators.
We shouldn't blame faith for the ways people distort it and misuse it.
Humans don't necessarily have to be clear-cutting forests for our presence to distort primate behavior.
For example, conformal maps show true shapes of small areas but distort size.
They eagerly direct, and often dramatically distort, their youthful lives in order to look good when summed up on paper.
The capacity of people who may be irritated with you to powerfully distort reality in academia is mind boggling many times.
From the search committee's perspective, the presence of internal candidates can distort the search process.
History has subjective views and choices in its writing, but these vary with how much they obscure or distort the truth.
Those differentials distort the decision to attend college.
As a result, visual context can be experimentally manipulated to distort adults' perception of objects' sizes.
It means a willingness to distort nature's cycles to fit human needs.
Not to deliver a eulogy or collect on some life-insurance scam, but to distort his friends' senses of reality.
Instead, he must distort the facts and accuse the scientific community of bad faith in order to make his case.
In addition, a user can add more creative elements to a picture with a sketch tool and a distort feature.
The second step is to then distort this plane wave in the way that an elephant would.
It may be that machines can be designed to distort our relationship with information.
But they're not perfect and so distort the rays as they spread.
The pellets grow and distort under such pressure, and will eventually break apart.
They will also charge you extra because your charger will distort their sine wave significantly.
Easterly said he was glad to see stillbirths on the global agenda, but warned the estimates could distort public health policy.
But there are other biases that limit and distort our coverage.
And this is where the relationship between the accountant and the family began to distort.
We learn to recognize her spoken melodies even though her tissues distort her words.
The huge human population and communications media perhaps distort an individual's perception of need.
Failures of blinding allow conscious or subconscious factors to distort reporting.
What im trying to say at the end of the day is that let us not distort facts to justify our points.
When the satellite collects data, it can read clouds as land or water, and distort height inputs.
So the government does in fact distort the market through crony capitalism.
All government can do is interfere with and distort that process while wasting tax money.
The culprit is reverberation, or the echoes that distort the waveform, not to mention from the recording equipment itself.
And since time is inexplicably linked to space, time travel would have to distort or leap space in some manner.
Concentrations of energy distort time which during its shrinkage generates the apparent field of gravity.
Simulations, often touted by their vendors, only help to learn concepts and tend to distort the nature of science.
People lie to themselves, distort things, and say what they think you think they should be thinking.
The images of loss repeat, distort, freeze and transform.
Look for aphids on lilies: heavy infestations can stunt or distort flower buds.
Swelling may be severe enough to put pressure on the eye and distort vision.
And in order to do so he has to negate and distort the history and historiography of the countries in question.
Such papers find meat in quarrels, and are always tempted to distort the truth into a misshapen thing.
Yellow-light subsidies could be challenged if they seemed to distort trade.
Modern steamships also distort time and space along the river, but contrarily-making distances seem longer and time more sluggish.
Brain injuries or tumors can distort the normal anatomy of the brain.
As soon as a liability cap is created, it begins to distort the market.
Early diagnosis helps survival, but it may also distort the comparisons of five or even ten-year survival rates.
Individual biases have been shown to greatly distort study results, frequently in favor of the new treatment being studied.
They either misappropriate money themselves or receive pay-offs by powerful interests to ignore or distort the law.
These implications both oversimplify and distort the facts.
If you continue to distort the arguments and print this sort of rubbish, you'll soon lose both prestige and readers.
His mode of so-doing is to take my text, distort it, and turn it on its head.
Rorem will distort any text, apparently, as a pretext for yet another of his exhibitionistic effusions.
The question is whether such a personal moral axis can distort the truth as much as a more culturally centered perspective.
Bad labs distort information about the nature of physics research.
If the loop were to collapse in on itself, the violence of the event could itself distort time and space.
They are people who are so sure they are right that they ignore, twist, and distort any evidence that contradicts them.
Charged particles make this flash because they distort the electromagnetic field as the travel.
Its rare to read or watch comments from him that get personal or make presumptions or distort the truth.
Both accurately convey the same data, and both also distort that data.
Engineers shall acknowledge their errors and shall not distort or alter the facts.
There are a zillion ways to distort the truth, and nobody can take responsibility for the distortions of others.
Photos distort members' faces and seemingly exist to only enhance a secretive aura.
It's bad enough when politicians and true believers distort scientific findings for their own purposes.
These differences can potentially distort the visual presentation to a pilot.
As the disease progresses, the blotches may develop into a dry rot which tends to distort the shape of the growing root.
If power corrupts the self, then absolute fame must surely distort it.
There's always some mad money in soccer to distort the game's economics.
Although dopamine may be crucial to making decisions about future pleasure, too much of it might distort those decisions.
But there is fierce debate about whether these methods correct or distort the census count.

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