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Now comes the tricky part: distinguishing between the many varieties on the market.
At the heart of the intelligence mission is the process of distinguishing signal from noise.
Overall, the wild-eyed, risk-taking combination players kept their distinguishing weapons out of sight.
Distinguishing between the two can take weeks of behavioral testing, and misdiagnoses are common.
Those techniques have a harder time distinguishing among some molecules and nosing out chemicals at low concentrations.
The distinguishing characteristic of networks is that they have no clear center and no clear outer boundaries.
The distinguishing characteristic of the new push media is that it finds you, rather than you finding it.
Among the messy problems, for instance, is distinguishing between bots and agents.
In a reevaluation of the skeleton, they could not find any distinguishing characteristics.
Distinguishing the relationships between the dogs in the fifth branch is much harder.
Early users, too, did not develop a way of distinguishing left from right.
The problem is distinguishing between the two trades.
The answer begins by distinguishing different types of capital inflow.
Devices using it were fitted in aircraft to bounce back radio signals, distinguishing friend from foe.
One of the distinguishing features of being poor is being dependent on one or two exports.
One of the biggest problems of empirical economics is the difficulty of distinguishing causality from correlation.
The point of distinguishing a solvency crisis versus a liquidity crisis is a good one.
Since the internal mechanism of distinguishing the right from the wrong and acting accordingly is absent.
Instead of distinguishing you from the pack, the college diploma makes you look the same as everyone else.
In the field of paleoanthropology, this ability is largely seen as one of the key factors distinguishing humans from apes.
Contagious laughter is a distinguishing characteristic of childhood.
Until one knows how to think coherently without contradicting oneself, he is incapable of distinguishing falsehood and truth.
All the subjects with signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder had a difficult time distinguishing disgust from fear or anger.
But you're not distinguishing between this kind of behaviour and discussing the topic.
It's a problem as tough as distinguishing between flowers and weeds.
It is this occasions your distinguishing between the reality and sensible appearances of things.
They have their orthodoxy and they have no trouble distinguishing those who are not of it.
To be sure, it is often claimed as a distinguishing feature of the current era.
We, by contrast, had trouble distinguishing our fantasies from everyday life.
The second distinguishing feature is the absence of fancy theorizing.
Moreover, one of the distinguishing features of southerners has supposedly been their sense of rootedness and community.
Perhaps someday our species will lose those distinguishing characteristics, through either intermarriage or genetic engineering.
The shape of the building blends into the landscape, visually distinguishing it from its angular neighbors.
The distinguishing characteristic of human beings is their ability to use reason to survive.

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