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Antarctic terns can be distinguished by their bright red bills, feet, and legs.
The writing throughout these tales is controlled and powerful, and distinguished by a rare poetic ability.
Efforts in this direction by distinguished outsiders have not been convincing.
They were also distinguished by the people who worked on them.
Apostrophes that once distinguished between “its” and “it's” seem quaint and arbitrary.
Cultures are kept distinct by cuisines, and cuisines are distinguished by taste.
Standing out and being distinguished for whatever you are and whatever you want to accomplish should be the ultimate goal.
The products from the Atlanta company are distinguished by their stylish packaging.
Although marred by flat writing, the book is distinguished by its psychological understanding of the subject.
He is distinguished in the way of an emeritus professor and dressed formally, with a scarf wrapped around his neck.
Individual fish can be distinguished in photos due to differences in the shape of the blue lines around their eyes.
There are nine giraffe subspecies, each distinguished by its range and the color and pattern of its coat.
The distinguished author has created a paean to friendship and its constancy, morning, noon and night.
Civil people distinguished themselves by the pains they took to order their lives.
Each type is distinguished by dorsal fin shape, diet, and even language.
Rorquals are found throughout the world's oceans and are distinguished by their long bodies and pleated throats.
They were rail-thin, their faces burnished by the sun and distinguished by great mustaches that swept across hollow cheeks.
Conservationists and distinguished experts have come together to work out a strategy.
Scientific eschatology-the study of the far future-has a distinguished history in cosmology and physics.
The first semester always includes a distinguished cast of visitors.
Since then, there has been a remarkable explosion of books on the subject, many written by distinguished mathematicians.
The trace of non-reportable processes must be distinguished from the simulation of processes the theory claims to be reportable.
At extremely large distances, the power density can not be distinguished separately from thermal noise.
It is not a distinguished venue for statesmen or their surrogates to spend their time in.
Not for the palm by the door or the tall cactus, but for the distinguished architects who are hanging out in the upper corners.
As far as the eye is concerned, the volcanic plume is not always readily distinguished from clouds.
There are many in these parts, including our distinguished host, who maintain otherwise.
Styron's publishing credits, though distinguished, are somewhat skimpy.
This, too, distinguished it from the country it happened to be inside.
Each beer was the same beer, distinguished only by marketing.
But the distinguished defender of the open door is not always consistent in his exposition.
It is, however, shamefully distinguished by its application outside of school to public libraries and parks.
He approached many a distinguished teacher of his day, but none could give him what he sought.
Foreign earnings must be distinguished from export earnings.
The first rib being almost completely covered by the clavicle can only be distinguished in a small portion of its extent.
His works are distinguished by fantastic speculation rather than by scientific method.
Subsequently the hemoglobin is dissolved out, and the envelope can barely be distinguished as a faint circular outline.
It is called the tympanic antrum, and must be distinguished from the mastoid cells, though it communicates with them.
When treated with carmine they become deeply stained, and can be easily distinguished from those of the pulp.
Afterwards the family talked long about the wedding, but the distinguished uncle said nothing.
It is the figured language of thought, and is distinguished from nature by the unity of all the parts in one thought or idea.
The particular syllable that is to be so distinguished is dependent, needless to say, on the special genius of the language.
This, therefore, is the first full-grown masque as distinguished from an entertainment which he published.
In the treatment of the captive bear by these tribes there are features which can hardly be distinguished from worship.
The flavours are distinguished by the particles which emerge on the rare occasion a neutrino does bump into something.
Not so cancer cells which, after all, are distinguished by their reckless proliferation.
Investors were so anxious for yield that they barely distinguished between good and bad credits.
Something the author could have distinguished and elaborate a little further.
Not every parental influence can be observed, distinguished and measured, however.
In normal times this would have led to a distinguished, if predictable, academic career.
Domestic plants run by domestic companies should be distinguished from domestic plants run by foreign companies.
When a study is made with charts and explanation, it should be distinguished.
It's round two, and our distinguished debaters are once again politely slugging each other on the jaw.
They've all been distinguished by that belief, that confidence in the audience.
The family into which he was born was intellectually distinguished, and it was also exciting.
He first distinguished between interpretation and theorization in the theory of science.
He is distinguished and sits well forward on the caned seat of his chair.
It is not a science, distinguished from other sciences only by its extreme generality.
Peppering in the names of distinguished alumni is an easy way to boost commencement speech.

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