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And there will be looking in ancient rock to find distinguishable remains.
It became generalized to mean any area into which any distinguishable group was restricted, by law or economic necessity.
That's a lot of if's and not otherwise distinguishable from any other period before or after.
Species are distinguishable by the formidable crown of horns adorning their head and the numerous spines across their back.
Mudpuppies are easily distinguishable by their bushy, red external gills, which they grow as larva and never lose.
They are also distinguishable by a row of skin flaps along their arms and legs, which resembles a serrated knife.
Formerly an art movement, no longer distinguishable from everyday life.
The result has been a glut of barely distinguishable identifiers.
For many other searches, the results are barely distinguishable.
These concepts are distinguishable from each other and fundamentally different.
Distinguishable molecules-those with different spins-are freer to cozy up.
Chirality is the property of an object to exist as distinguishable mirror image forms that are known as enantiomers.
Two others are readily distinguishable, and include some of his finest lyrics.
That's meaningless if those holdings are in error or if they are distinguishable here.
Not complicated, not confusing and easily distinguishable by anyone who knows anything about business and economics.
It was hardly distinguishable from the mesas and buttes around it.
If they produce results that are distinguishable from pure chance then science can detect them.
In these two unfortunate but clearly distinguishable scenarios, destroying the stocks leads to far more anguish than keeping them.
Yes, adding a word or words to the name makes it distinguishable.

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