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Gray legs and thicker bill distinguish it from greater yellowlegs, another shorebird.
There are, he says, no modifiers that distinguish the tenses of verbs.
Mammals and birds can distinguish one from two, three, four or many.
Digital hearing aids help her distinguish some sounds.
They cannot distinguish between normative and positive statements.
The huge price differences are not the only things that distinguish salt from other commodities.
We need to distinguish plagiarism from academic dishonesty.
The campaigners claim that children are too naive to distinguish between ads and genuine programming.
It's important to distinguish between constructive criticism and mere insults.
It is designed to distinguish between your voice and outside ambient noise to provide a much higher quality sound.
What will distinguish this piece from that lighting fixture is the text that will swirl.
It's important to distinguish between apes and monkeys, and not simply say primates.
Another possibility is that the high brow and pointy chin dramatically distinguish our faces from those of other mammals.
Not enough is known about historical jelly abundances to distinguish between natural fluctuation and long-term change, he says.
In effect, they are questioning the ability of moviegoers to distinguish between good and bad.
The failure to distinguish between argumentation and opinion made reasoning with this student a hopeless proposition.
Universities have an obligation to distinguish legitimate inquiry from its counterfeits.
Our job descriptions cover teaching only, to help distinguish us from our tenure-track peers.
Therefore, they were looking for something further to help distinguish the candidates from one another.
So the program has to be able to distinguish between possession and nonpossession of the snowball.
Moving some of these to a back-up system can cut down on the chaos of search results and distinguish archive from active work.
Learn to distinguish between which tasks deserve immediate attention and which can be forgotten.
Sometimes, though, it's helpful to distinguish events on a particular calendar.
So you feel pressure to distinguish yourself from your students, to set yourself up as the authority.
It will serve you well to distinguish between your rivals and your enemies.
Many observers, however, won't distinguish between machine- and user-generated failures.
By the glow of a small carbide lamp one could distinguish a dozen human figures gathered around three or four tables.
Botanists distinguish root vegetables morphologically.
Smart people will always distinguish quality from clutter, and they will support insightful news coverage.
However, it does presume an ability to distinguish between what is serious and what is trivial, which is sometimes lacking.
As interest in mixology has surged, it has only become harder to distinguish oneself as a bartender.
We must distinguish in the first place between a plagiarist and a copyright infringer.
They seldom wear uniforms and may be difficult to distinguish from the general population.
He did not distinguish different kinds of dedication.
In it, he fretted over the failure to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant character flaws.
To move forward, they must coldly distinguish between genuine advances and wishful thinking.
It's important to distinguish between the legal grounds for divorce and the true reasons for divorce.
The standardization of quality products forced companies to find new ways to distinguish themselves.
The cognoscenti of the fashion universe distinguish between fashion and style.
The computers are wired to the wall switchplates, with bright red switches to distinguish them from the lights.
The music industry believed that the law didn't distinguish between copying one second or half a minute of a sound recording.
It has, moreover, features that distinguish it from the other published works.
But there are some features that distinguish it as a literary production, which must be mentioned.
There is in every moral being a faculty or sense by which he is enabled to distinguish right from wrong.
Sight may distinguish of colours, but suddenly to nominate them all, it is impossible.
Here and there he could distinguish a half sentence.
By his immoderate laughter you can always distinguish a fool.
It is important but not easy to distinguish a true friend from an agreeable enemy.
For the first time, birds have been shown to distinguish among and respond to monkeys' alarm calls.
According to the researchers, each of the tracks contains characteristics that distinguish them as those made by sauropods.
Each place possesses a distinctive set of tangible and intangible characteristics that help to distinguish it from other places.
But the radar doesn't distinguish between bats and hailstones.
Or that they have external ears, which is an easy way to distinguish them from seals.
Previous research had shown that baboons could distinguish members of various families.
Others mark the coming of age, signify tribal rank, or distinguish friend from foe.
Listen carefully and you should be able to distinguish the different choruses, according to experts.
Every community has unique characteristics, or cultural markers, that distinguish it from other places.
Bright yellow spots distinguish this secretive amphibian.
Around the world, clothing and adornments distinguish people and cultures.
Encourage your children to distinguish between natural and human-made sounds.
He remembers every detail of his life, but he can't distinguish between the trivial and the important.
The number of non-toxic carpet cleaning solutions on the market can make it difficult to distinguish among them.
Serene surroundings, local traditions distinguish top new spas.
Fever and body aches are the way to distinguish a cold from the flu.
Sometimes it's tough to distinguish good news from bad.
Once you put the bridge there, you distinguish it from any other place in the world.
In his eagerness to distinguish light from color, he stared at the sun with one eye, to discover the consequences.
Although he was an enthusiastic athlete, he lacked the natural gifts to distinguish himself in any sport.
The ability to distinguish between two different languages is not unique to humans.
Consumers are finding it harder to distinguish synthetic diamonds from the real rocks.
Scientists have not fully understood how mosquitoes distinguish the smell of human breath and sweat from other odors in nature.
The researchers plan to test whether they can similarly distinguish babies at six months of age.
Scientists have never fully understood how mosquitoes distinguish the smell of human breath and sweat from other odors in nature.
Its absence renders the monkeys color-blind, unable to distinguish reds and green.
The researchers found that kids don't distinguish much between their lives online and offline.
They cannot, however, distinguish among various microscopic mechanisms that may govern the material's behavior.
His rebuke was my inability to distinguish between regional weather and global climate.
Amazingly, scientists are able to distinguish between spoken and imagined sounds.
When presented with hundreds of odours, the nose can simultaneously distinguish only a few.
Doctors have struggled to distinguish the ailing from the malingering.
Cold fusion is so called to distinguish it from the sort that goes on in stars and hydrogen bombs.
These generated particles then create patterns of light that the detectors can distinguish.
In the extreme, the policymaker would then be helpless to distinguish between biased and unbiased advisers.
For languages, the explanation may be a cultural rather than biological need to distinguish populations.
Economists distinguish between normal profit and excess profit.
They were thus able to distinguish the quick from the dead by colour, rather than propensity to wriggle.
Furthermore, those few managers who did distinguish themselves were then inundated with more money than they could handle.
But how can you distinguish planets from the background of stars.
The colors were added to distinguish distance from the camera.
Twin studies are valuable because they help distinguish between genetic and environmental contributors.
Time and again, listeners have failed to distinguish between the sound of the old and new instruments.
To understand the concept, you have to distinguish two ways of viewing reality.
Its appearance is unremarkable, so its supposed victims can't be expected to distinguish it from dozens of other spiders.
Its first symptoms may be subtle and impossible to distinguish from the normal decline in memory that occurs with aging.
The brain can't distinguish among this wide range of basically normal values.
When dealing with such complex subjects a writer must know how to distinguish among reliable information, gossip, and slander.
We should distinguish between living well and having a good life.
It is important here to distinguish two different aspects of thermodynamics.
We lack the molecular tools to distinguish between slow- and fast-growing cancers.
We must, however, take care to distinguish two conclusions that might be thought to follow from these arguments.
In private relations, such patriarchal power is not easy to distinguish from despotism.
He learns to distinguish between difficulties created by external reality and internal fantasy.
The lack of data on other parts of the spectrum hinders the system's ability to precisely distinguish temperature gradients.
But they're also beginning to consider other ways to distinguish their products.
One might expect that the subjects would distinguish the objects without much difficulty.
If it is not the case, it is difficult to distinguish the benefit of the technique.
Any device should be able to distinguish these varying amounts.
First, he developed an algorithm that can distinguish walking activity-constant, alternating movement in both forelegs.
The only problem with using probability factors is that you have to distinguish between free or bound variables.
Adding an rfid tag to each pill could distinguish between the various pills.
Green and red socks cannot distinguish left and right feet, nor can argyle vs polka dot or cable knit vs flat.
As a practical matter, however, it is difficult to distinguish between offensive activities and benign ones.
Psychiatrists are careful to distinguish between addiction and dependence.
First, distinguish between environmental luxuries and environmental necessities.
But it was difficult to distinguish the living from the dead.
Unfortunately, it's not always easy to distinguish listeriosis from other, more common food-borne illnesses.
It all helped me distinguish who my real friends were.
Most perennials have grown big enough that you can distinguish them from the weeds.

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