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Everyone would sound as distinctly indistinct as a television newscaster.
But decades and even centuries later, the impact of his words would be distinctly felt throughout society.
Soft piano music turned the area even more distinctly into a meditation zone.
In addition to financial constraints, the university suffers from distinctly mediocre students.
They had to play with it, shift its form, and elongate its lines in order to make it distinctly theirs.
He goes on to say that it is a distinctly human trait to put the weakest at the center of social life.
He immediately returned the gesture, opening his mouth and subtly but distinctly moving his tongue.
But the probe is once again visible though much less distinctly thanks to its icy coating.
Group membership may offer help and support, but can also create conflict and stress which can be distinctly unhealthy.
However, the heart is already beating before these two nervous systems become distinctly established.
At each time of the year there are distinctly different effects in play.
His theory deals with what happened to life after it was already here, two distinctly dissimilar processes.
Such firsts change life for the better-and distinctly alter the landscape.
Nights on the town have a distinctly casual air in a place where they're fond of saying the stars outnumber the streetlights.
Within the tropics, however, biological diversity does not exhibit any distinctly recognizable patterns.
They wanted to add a distinctly local element to their largely borrowed vocal sound.
What's more, the hollows look distinctly fresh, because they haven't been reshaped by later impact events.
Each distinctly decorated room includes plush mattresses and iPod connectors.
Yet one social networking metric is distinctly underwhelming: the one with a dollar sign.
Before long, however, a distinctly human subplot emerged.
Mercenaries is a pejorative and distinctly cruel word for a reason.
What is distinctly odd is that some roles seem to have switched.
Without cooling, there are a number of distinctly ugly possibilities.
Traditional development kits have been tethered to test benches and are distinctly, er, functional in their aesthetics.
At this point, a number of biologists began to feel distinctly annoyed.
To the hacker tourist, or anyone who spends much time messing around with computer networks, they seem distinctly underwhelming.
His tone is distinctly menacing and, inevitably, he makes good on his implicit threat.
Membership and attendance are, of course, distinctly different measures.
Out of these, four are distinctly haunted houses, each with its own strange haunting.
Enunciation means the articulation of whatever you have to say distinctly and clearly.
When the animal kingdom as a whole is surveyed, these stand out as distinctly feminine traits.
He is both willing and anxious to learn, and his intellectual status is distinctly improving.
He is distinctly on its lowest level from the start.
But now they are looking distinctly wobbly they have started to attract attention.
Millions of jobs disappeared, home-loan defaults mounted and corporate restructuring made the workplace distinctly unsettling.
And if one key indicator is examined, that outlook is distinctly gloomy.
Recently, however, senior officers have become distinctly more upbeat.
Unfortunately, the public has been distinctly cool to the idea.
But at the moment such optimists are distinctly unwelcome among environmentalists.
Before the end of the century, however, the performance of many of these companies had become distinctly less exemplary.
But he has begun making some distinctly crusty noises about the unemployed.
Enthusiasm for either is distinctly lacking at the finance ministry, which is why the prospects for the year ahead look so grim.
The kind of public support seen for workers involved in other industrial disputes has been distinctly lacking.
The old system was distinctly paternalist: either the employer or the government would provide.
They have made some parts of the city feel distinctly unsafe.
Guests get to enjoy an environment distinctly different from that of a hotel.
Buses are a distinctly unpleasant means of travel, light rail is much more comfortable and efficient means of getting around.
He wanted to be an artist, and believed in his own distinctly slender genius as a painter.
Maybe the genes that make hot males make distinctly un-hot females.
It looks distinctly flattened at the top, unless that's more of the non-uniform extinction.
He distinctly remembered seeing them in the theater during the original release.
But there is a near infinity of worthy causes, and a distinctly finite pool of money to fund them.
Thus the yogi will distinctly come to realize the simultaneous occurrence in pair of these psycho-physical phenomena.
It is intellectually unsound, potentially destabilizing, and distinctly harmful in its economic consequences.
Yes, you hear it distinctly, because he's expelling his last breath of air.
Everything that he brought forward as a cause of the mutiny was distinctly proved not to be worthy of the name of a cause.
Globalization was in full swing, and in ways that redounded distinctly to the good of this country.
They heard each other much more distinctly than they did in their first talk thirty-eight years ago.
There were still nuts on the trees, each tightly clustered with two or three distinctly lobed leaves, which are technically husks.
Hitherto the majority has been distinctly inclined to give a sentence of summary decapitation and dissection.
Many of them are still made today, but one has a distinctly original flavor.
They were presented on a bed of pureed parsnips, which had a distinctly refreshing light taste.
If so, it is distinctly possible that the violence characteristic of this culture is also spreading beyond its confines.
What unfolds is distinctly fair-minded in its presentation.
If you have to leave a recorded telephone message, be sure to speak slowly and distinctly.
Distinctly green kernels are canola and pieces of canola which, after being crushed, exhibit a distinctly green color.

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