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Example sentences for distinctively

No, orbital angular momentum of light is distinctively different than spin angular momentum of light, aka polarization.
King penguins' flippers are distinctively large, helping them dive deep in the icy ocean.
It can help to preserve and develop local cuisines, based on distinctively local ingredients supplied by local farmers.
All of the rooms are unique and distinctively decorated with antique furniture.
Rooms at the resort are distinctively decorated with elegant furniture and opulent amenities.
The inn features an on-site restaurant and seven guest rooms, each distinctively decorated.
All the eleven stories here strike her distinctively frivolous-serious note.
Such equipment is identified by being distinctively marked.
Chemotherapy is a distinctively different approach than surgery and radiation therapy to treat cancer.
Scorpions are closely related to spiders and have distinctively long tails tipped with a stinger.

Famous quotes containing the word distinctively

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