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The troupe distilled and energized the milieu of anomie, satirizing the lame old regime in a triumphant revolt.
But it has also distilled the group down to a committed core of members willing to be martyrs.
The liquid may come from scented organic water, such as rose water, distilled water or aloe vera gel.
And darker distilled drinks and wines generally have more of these congeners than do lighter ones.
Ng used delicate brushes and mild solutions, some as basic as distilled water, to remove centuries of dust and dirt.
Best with distilled water so you don't spot the leaves.
True to form they are distilled from a number of articles and interviews over the last six years.
Some of the rubber peppers are smothered with pepper oil while others are injected with distilled water and used as controls.
There can be no more distilled expression of a culture than its works of art.
Heavy drinking, especially binge drinking of beer or distilled spirits, should be avoided.
The sugar people, by contrast, prefer to follow the market's signals in deciding whether cane is crystallised or distilled.
To clean up urine, mix water and distilled white vinegar in equal amounts.
Turpentine oil is a substance distilled from material that comes from pine trees.
Distilled beverages hints at cold drab winters, melancholia and risks of alcoholism.
Fill a spray bottle with purified or distilled water and add several drops of an organic essential oil.
Any good still water will do, but distilled water is best.
Flush out the nozzle of an empty pump-spray bottle with distilled water.
Also known as rose oil, this fragrant, colorless liquid is distilled from the petals of certain species of roses.
The resulting juice is then distilled over hand-fed fires.
If cocaine were free available, there would not be the demand for high end distilled variations.
That's a lot of wisdom distilled into those two sentences.
It's much more complicated that what you've distilled it to here.
The yeast cells release ethanol as a byproduct of their metabolism, and the ethanol can be distilled to make it more concentrated.
Use filtered or distilled spring water from a bottle.
Distilled white vinegar removes perspiration stains and odor, as well as stains from deodorants.
Distilled water actually is a fairly good insulator.
The plants possess all the physical characteristics of their larger counterparts distilled into a proportion of the size.
Millions of gallons of wine are distilled into commercial alcohol every year.
In order for the experiment to work, the cool water had to be distilled, and the hot water had to come from the tap.
The distilled variety is made from industrial vats of pure ethanol.
Icicles grown from distilled water were more likely to be perfectly conical than those grown from tap water, the team found.
But if your goal is to marinate in the distilled essence of can-do globalism, this is a glum year in which to do it.
All have played a role in making the protests feel much more active than they would if one read only distilled media accounts.
The director has distilled a new genre-the vicious globalist thriller.
In fish-oil-based pills, the oil is distilled to filter out contaminants.
Sometimes they're distilled in a single word: value.
The content is distilled into keywords, which are used to find relevant sites during searches.
Distilled from grains or potatoes, it has no real taste.
Here you have a perfectly distilled three-character drama.
Distilled from sorghum, barley or rice, some also contain a preserved snake or scorpion floating inside.
In six months a series of emergency taxes will drop to old rates, such as levies on liquor and other distilled spirits.
These are highly distilled interviews, but the editing reflects a scrupulous respect for those being questioned.
The regulations in this part relate to the labeling and advertising of distilled spirits.

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