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If the colon does not contract properly, the splenic flexure can become distended.
Flanking his skull are two silver ear spools, which would have been placed inside his hugely distended earlobes.
What is dissipated, divided, and distended rots and falls to the ground.
Patients often suffer fatigue, distended abdomens and fragile and painful bones.
Others walk with the distended bellies of imminent birth.
It's a curious move for an organization that, by its leaders' admission, is distended after a decade of nonstop growth.
In the camps, children with hollow eyes and distended stomachs struggle for life in hospital tents.
We learned to cope with a town distended beyond its capacity.
When the distended follicle ruptures, the bacteria release substances that cause inflammation.
It is only after stomach muscles have wasted that the distended bellies so sadly familiar from television pictures appear.
Describes the voraciousness of pickerels: their stomachs are usually packed and distended.
His pulse was thready and fast, his belly distended, his bowel ominously silent.
The abdomen was so distended that it partially obscured my view of the heaving rib cage.
With a distended belly out of proportion to her reedy frame, she seems at once overweight and frail.
His belly is distended by malnutrition, and although he appears to be in pain, he has no energy to cry.
When you attend a business event preceded by a grossly distended belly, other working moms feel compelled to share notes.
On it rest some coils of small intestine, and occasionally the distended sigmoid colon.
When the duct is distended, the spaces between the folds are dilated, so as to give to its exterior a twisted appearance.
It cannot empty properly and so becomes distended, or swells.

Famous quotes containing the word distended

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My mother—preferring the strange to the tame: Dove-note, bone marrow, deer dung, Frog's belly distended w... more
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