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Example sentences for distasteful

There are lots of ornamental plants bunnies find distasteful.
Another distasteful question was the inevitable two-parter about what she was doing next and when the world would see it.
Regardless, the choice of word is distasteful and disconcerting.
Please tell me how to cultivate the bacteria that mosquitoes find so distasteful.
But the captain had gradually wearied of it, and the thought of his approaching marriage grew more distasteful to him every day.
Trade was distasteful to him-he found it dishonest and cheap.
The thought of having lots of money is appealing for the first time, and the thought of poverty is distasteful.
Some butterflies bear bright markings, which they have evolved as a warning to predators that they are poisonous or distasteful.
Their wildly inconsistent application of the rule suggests that they really wanted to toss out evidence they found distasteful.
We all know that these are now as dead as mutton, and as distasteful as stale mutton.
It has, though, already gained notoriety for its unique ability to impersonate venomous or distasteful animals.
Others fool bats by mimicking the sounds of distasteful species.
There is a reason why all this is worth rehashing, as distasteful as it may be and as feeble as the arguments are.
He said it was distasteful and cruelty to animals.
Those who do consider the subject find it distasteful.
It may seem distasteful to think of drugs as a business, responding to normal economic signals.
The first stance would be morally distasteful, while the second would be counter-productive.
Their behavior has made an otherwise easy decision difficult and somewhat distasteful.
Wow, talk about unprofessional and distasteful behavior.
The whole thing strikes me as more distasteful than funny because the jokes are lame, unintelligent, and lacking irony.
One true sign of a movie star is the ability to draw you into any character, no matter how flawed or distasteful.
First of all, as distasteful as character attacks may be, they are a useful political tool.
Their skin secretes potent chemicals that are distasteful, and sometimes poisonous, to predators.
There were those, however, who were convinced that the use of tobacco was both unhealthful and aesthetically distasteful.
But listening to a recital of a nation's historical record, however distasteful, is part of the job.
Adults apparently produce noxious or distasteful skin secretions, because native predators usually ignore them.
Most are contact or taste repellents which render the treated plants distasteful to the rabbits.
Others, however, suggest the blue tail is especially distasteful and serves as a warning to predators.
Wilhelm wrote that these details are extremely dangerous and distasteful for the officers.
Now unfortunately the views of some of the protestors distasteful.
It has no potent spray, but it does vomit distasteful fluid and drip noxious blood when attacked, and it has spines on its legs.
Many species of bluegreen algae are apparently distasteful to aquatic biota.
To get people out of cars, you have to make their communities denser and also make driving distasteful in one way or another.

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