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The nuns who are keepers of this strange congregation look on with pity and distaste.
They have the taste for toil, a distaste for pleasure or repose, and the telescopic appreciation of distant gain.
But in the succeeding centuries taste quickly became distaste.
With extra copies of the protein at hand, the rats were more likely to remember their distaste for sweetener.
In a reversal of their earlier distaste for publicity, they started to actively proselytise for their beliefs.
But there is a cultural distaste for those who move beyond the boundaries of the expertise signaled by their credentials.
In that distaste lurked no small hint of preciousness.
His age and experience belied his distaste for pomp.
Most negative reactions have originated in civil libertarian distaste for government intrusion and concern for free speech.
Americans have always viewed traditional alliances with some distaste.
It had grown out of my predecessor's distaste for the managerial styles of the paper's previous executive editors.
They expressed distaste in e-mails that became explosively public on the eve of the trials.
Affiliates began to react-expressing distaste and reluctance to air the two-hour interview.
But there was also widespread distaste at her approach.
He, a government interrogator in some unidentified police state, exudes distaste and wears white suspenders.
For years, the two have had an abiding distaste for one another.
She will not be able to go out in public without the public expressing distaste.
Given the prize committee's distaste for success, that means he'll probably never get one.
It seems to be a dictatorship-but officials semi-privately hint at their distaste for their leader's antics.
But few non-bigots thought that their personal distaste warranted limiting the freedom of others.
Its distaste for the job seems clear from its dwindling purchases.
Distaste for it was the first proof of the romantic and poetic imperative to feel the sufferings of others.
Our own reader poll indicates a general distaste for the celebrations, and that is understandable.
Iowans reiterated to me throughout the summer their distaste for this nonsensical regulation.
Public policy favors resolution on cases on the merits and default judgments are regarded with distaste.
She expresses distaste for her students and difficulty relating to her children.

Famous quotes containing the word distaste

The fact that the adult American Negro female emerges a formidable character is often met with amazement, distaste... more
I have every characteristic of a night person—a distaste for bosses, a hatred of the expected, an obsessi... more
We two are left: I with small grace reveal distaste and bitterness; you with small patience take my hands.... more
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