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The task of deficit reduction will fall somewhere in the distant future.
They talked above the crack of distant rifle and machine-gun fire.
He'll discover that some of the static afflicting radio signals comes from distant stars.
The taxi disappeared around a distant corner in a cloud of its own dust.
Global aging is no longer a distant challenge looming over the horizon.
It seems that not many people on this forum know this little distant town.
The trees at the side of the road whiz by, whereas the mountains on the distant horizon hardly move.
The water arrived from a distant spring in wooden pipes on stone piers to the manor's cistern house.
But inflation is distant and containable, while deflation is at hand and pernicious.
Three new books reveal how much heroes and even distant acquaintances influence us.
Snow-covered peaks zigzagged along the distant horizon.
Health-care workers in the rural southeast summon ambulances to distant clinics via cellphone.
Course coordinator was moved to a different position at a distant campus.
Distant will be the days when the isolation of remote villages imposed a natural quarantine on a nascent outbreak.
The researchers looked for planets that orbited in habitable zones from their stars-both in the present and in the distant past.
The doorway seems to distort the perspective, making the scene beyond seem even more distant.
Another method uses an intervening star to gravitationally magnify the light from a more distant star with planets.
One conferencing system in development would project a distant speaker's face onto that of a remote-controlled robot.
Travelling to matches in distant cities is difficult and dangerous.
Students should recognize that changes to the environment in one place can often affect other, distant places.
Precursors to terrestrial life's distinctive chemistry apparently abound in the churning clouds of dust and gas in distant space.
For me, it was a brief and increasingly distant memory.
Yet, for one in every five people on the planet, this promise remains a distant dream.
Then there was the quieter noise from distant thunderstorms.
Catching a distant glimpse of a star professor is not the same as being taught by him.
Genetics reveal these many to have been reduced to as few as sixty at one time in the not to distant past.
Ancient shipwrecks and telltale shells bring to life epics of distant trade and a prehistoric flood.
Bankers hurried in, miners claimed stakes, investors sought capital in distant cities and surveyors laid out a town nearby.
TV reception falters and they can hear a distant buzzing.
Gunshots echoed all night in the hills until a distant prayer call announced it was morning.
You'll find yourself in the same place but in a distant epoch.
Easy sleep is a distant memory now that she must contend with tens of pounds of extra girth.
As the universe expands and distant galaxies recede from us, their light gets redshifted, thus becoming less energetic.
Cast your view back to a distant wall, and instantly the afterimage appears beach-ball-sized.
It is easy to imagine her in that distant encounter-the same direct gaze, the same friendly face and flyaway hair.
Distant supernovae are revealing the crucial time when the expansion of the universe changed from decelerating to accelerating.
For something so distant to shine so intensely in our sky, it must be incredibly bright at its source.
Observations in the not too distant future will tell us more about dark energy.
The picture on the jacket shows dark waves on deep water with a distant suburban shoreline.
He had come in search of food from a distant village, wandering around hoping to get help.
Yet the effects of certain wishes in the distant past did linger.
Space fans are being asked to help discover exploding stars in distant galaxies, using their own home computers.
Also, whereas the twinkling of a star is fairly mild, the twinkling of a distant radio source can be violent.
In children, there is strong local connection and weak distant connection.
In an ideal beam of light, produced by a laser or a distant star, the wave fronts are flat.
Basking in the memories of those stories, they'd craft presents for their distant friends and relatives.
The balloon escaped its tether and the pig floated away, eventually landing in a distant pasture and badly frightening some cows.
But wealthier people can already more easily register at distant centers with short lists.
It should let the private sector do that instead, and focus its own efforts on more distant and difficult tasks.
It is also, self-evidently, a distant dream rather than a manifesto for practical politics.
The leadership's boast of self-sufficiency in food is now a distant memory.
Despite a resilient, even booming economy, peace and stability have rarely seemed so distant.
The landscape is vast and flat, with distant, red rock monoliths rising out of the desert.
Several police officers stood on a distant hillside.
My stories were supposed to bring that distant land closer.
Henry pondered his affection for his parents, and decided it was becoming distant and routine.
Scientists predict plants with wild colors on distant planets.
In others, the chemical has a darker influence, casting mum as a less caring and more distant parent.
Planet-hunters have yet another tool to use in their quest to discover distant worlds that could harbor life.
Second, it should have a more distant, giant planet to protect that inner world.
When two particles are entangled, the measurement of one immediately affects the other, no matter how distant.
It may be a remnant of a larger shape that helped focus distant sounds.
But the curtains of riotous color are not confined to distant, frozen lands.
The end of the plutonium age may lie on the not-so-distant horizon.
To find out, they studied distant galaxies whose light has been distorted by the gravitational pull of other, nearer galaxies.
Griffin thinks that geographically distant survivors may each have unique genes for resistance.
Dark-matter models have been used to explain the lensing of many distant galaxies.
The trick is launching the virtually weightless fly to a distant spot with deadeye accuracy.
In short: the gravity from intervening matter bends the light coming from distant objects.
In the distant future, this will become a lonely place, with nothing to look at.
Others were revealed when their gravity briefly magnified the light of a distant star, a process known as gravitational lensing.
All the evidence for dark energy comes from the observation of distant galaxies.
Keeping an eye on a distant loved one seems an obvious use for the relatively new technology.
But that doesn't mean that such modifications are particularly distant.
The universal in-box is made possible by cloud software running on a distant server.
Focus on the distant object and the dot is fully focused.
For now, all these applications loom distant on the horizon.
One possibility is quantum information exchange between two distant quantum systems including quantum computers.
All this is plotted automatically on distant computers.
But such flying vehicles could become available in the not too distant future.
Long distant intercontinental maglev trains could replace much of air travel.
Everything should run faster when the pipes aren't clogged by constant chatter between your computer and a distant database.
In the not too distant future, they will all become obsolete overnight.
Get in communication with a distant friend for advice.
Over time, as your dog grows accustomed to the distant sound of thunder, you gradually increase the sound level.
Violent people in the grip of rage or mental illness don't dwell on the distant prospect of a lethal injection.
Limitations seem distant, so bounce your latest adventure scheme their way.
Together they stride toward the green as water sprays out of a distant sprinkler.
Connect with a distant colleague, and reaffirm an old bond.
It also raised the specter--however distant--of human cloning.
Add to that games' remarkable ability to forge otherwise distant connections.

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