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The researchers identified a range of physical traits that suggest human ancestors evolved as distance runners.
The essential challenge of distance learning is overcoming distance.
Out in the distance a huge plant spews out cement and aggregate for yet more construction.
Since the path and distance actually traversed by neutrinos is not precisely determinable, this result is inconclusive.
But it was a country he knew only from a great distance.
The lap pool is sheltered from the wind by a retaining wall and a hillside in the distance.
It is both rocky and orbits its parent star at a distance where liquid water could reasonably be expected to exist.
Have them imagine that distance in their town-from the school to a major local landmark, for example.
During the final approach, these images are used when the distance becomes small.
Nevertheless mankind is able to move enormous blocks over long distance since thousands of years.
The railway's official hotel, walking distance to downtown.
One idea is that if you swerve back and forth while stopping, you will increase the distance over which you stop.
Compute the average distance or time consumers will travel to reach a given sort of business.
Our fastest space probes will take tens of thousands of years to cross the distance to the nearest star.
If your frame does not have feet to distance it from the wall, add the third frame behind your wreath.
As anyone who has been rear-ended on a highway knows, judging distance by sight is a useful skill.
Ski jumpers earn points for both distance and style.
The distance from the source to the disk is a bit more complicated, in fact.
It shows the average distance to the nearest road in each county.
For the same reason, some supersweet varieties must be grown at a distance from standard sweet kinds.
What distance a power hitter gains using a lighter corked bat he loses in collision efficiency.
Of course, whatever outfit is chosen to take this on will have to wrestle with the universe's daunting duo-time and distance.
The work done on the device would use the distance the device is compressed.
At the distance of the moon this cone has the same diameter as a baseball.
Traveling for a long distance on the same road over and over again brings out a peculiar keenness of eye in the observer.
Eric says that the intensity of cell phone radiation diminishes with distance.
Most people think there is no chance for a long distance relationship to work.
The same energy and matter travelling a shorter distance equals a faster completion of that distance.
Or alternatively, smaller males withdraw to a respectful distance and dig tunnels of their own.
Action at a distance occurs when pairs of quantum particles interact in such a way that they become entangled.
She's reluctant to disclose her mysteries from a distance.
Drags on long distance and multistory data transfers.
But it was tricky to judge distance in the alien landscape, and stiff spacesuit gloves limited how fast he could work.
Time and distance in this situation hadn't changed, but emotions probably had.
The distance each beam traveled determined the way the crests and troughs of the light waves aligned when they met in the wafer.
The size of the proto-solar system and its distance from the explosion determine how much of that radioactive ejecta mingles in.
Plain, stocky sandpipers, they can fly a distance equivalent to a trip to the moon and back over the course of their lifetimes.
Note that this is a one dimensional equation and that s is the distance over which the object accelerates.
There's inevitably a distance between a photographer and his or her subject.
Imagine: herds of hadrosaurs trudging across the plain as snow falls, while a tyrannosaur stalks them from a distance.
Seen from the safe distance of a satellite, it can be a thrilling spectacle.
We conjured creative ways to link regional campuses through distance learning.
But only in the past few years have researchers been able to move neutral particles at a distance with any facility.
She would look worriedly over her shoulder and then move away some distance.
They know how many strides they've taken and the length of each, and that magic number gives them their distance from home.
But their distance from the underwater vents also suggests that the towers must be formed by a unique process.
If it's a long distance call to reach the port, you pay for that.
Most professionals learned to establish a prudent distance from that world.
Oftentimes it's the distance between you and your subject that's getting in the way of great results.
The weapon fires bullets with microchips that can be programmed to detonate when they reach a specific distance.
The dimples on its surface can double or triple the distance the ball travels.
From a distance the stadium oozes self-confidence and civic pride.
Second, each adjusted his speed, depending on his distance from such obstacles.
Also, asteroid colors change with distance from the sun.
For many people, hearing coyotes howl in the distance is a beautiful experience.
Nothing broke the silence except the buzzing of bees in the distance.
Draw some mountains in the distance where the river originates.
At any great distance from the ice sheet, the wind would not have been constant and reliable.
Awesome to observe the dam from that distance and height.
He figured he was a safe distance from the water's edge.
The city's downtown and its old, close-in neighborhoods are easily navigable and mostly within walking distance of each other.
Predators have to be managed and made afraid of humans to keep them at a safe distance.
From a distance, swelling buds and catkins turn alder canopies into a beautiful reddish haze.
Detailed travel itineraries include flight information such as distance and estimated flight time for each leg.
Restaurants are within walking distance of the hotel.
Riding, one cannot so well judge of distance traversed.
The heroically scaled statues were meant to be seen from a distance with ease.
Their eyes do not meet, and their stiff bodies maintain an unhappy distance.
Nearly all of our relatives were within walking distance.
They found no overall correlation between reef condition and distance from human populations.
Through the workout, the device also offers audio feedback such as the number of calories burnt, time and distance.
Count the number of revolutions and measure the distance it rolled.
Because the moon orbits along an egg-shaped ellipse, not a circle, its distance from us changes.
But this consideration does not tell us anything about the actual distance of the stars or how thickly they may be scattered.
Next, excited voices in the hall announce members of the family who come from a distance.
There is a wide distance between rudeness and reserve.
The invitations were by word of mouth to neighbors and personal notes to the groom's relatives at a distance.
Some little distance above the last it splits into two layers, superficial and deep.
Looking through the rifle's telescopic sight, the gunman then estimates the distance from this object to the target.
The two keys to the future are the plunge in costs-particularly for long-distance traffic-and the rise in capacity.
Ribbons of red rear-lights stretch off into the distance along the highways that radiate from the city's centre.
The distance and cost of travelling to a city will naturally depend on where you are coming from.
But as a result journeys that are the same distance end up varying hugely in value for drivers.
It is already used to prospect for minerals and to check crops for disease from a distance.
Pursue a doctorate in business administration at a distance.
Discover the many ways in which chefs and farmers around the world are shrinking the distance between farm and table.
Best of all, much of what's served is grown or produced locally, some of it practically within hollering distance.
Actual value may vary based on airfare fluctuations and distance between departure and destination.
It's a luncheon meat to please everyone who comes within sniffing distance of its spicy fragrance.
Frosting turns our heads from a distance, making promises it cannot keep.
To pretend that it has only one height or rises at only a single distance from where you sit is to deny the evidence of your eyes.
Cracking the metabolic secrets of distance-racing canines.
The distance light traverses is not necessarily determined by its position between the two galaxies on the surface of the balloon.
Dragonflies are long-distance fliers that travel similarly to migrating birds, a new study shows.
Then have students compare that distance to the distances on the chart.
Microwaves are used to measure the distance between them with extreme precision.
Long-distance migrations are being disrupted all over the world, mainly due to explosive human population growth.
To understand how elephants make the switch from local to long-distance calling, it helps to know something about weather.
Puzzling from a distance, the church presents an enigma even when viewed up close.
All that was lacking was a cloaked figure holding a crooked staff and gazing enigmatically off into the middle distance.
The crack of rifle fire can be a good sound: it often means outgoing, and when not usually means the fire is a safe distance away.
In fact, in some cases a handler has used a cell phone or other device to trigger the blast from a distance.
At this distance no one can be sure what sort of animals are roiling the sea.
The only sign of people was a trace of smoke rising in the distance.
The first option was to distance himself from the nominee, or withdraw the nomination.
At his age, he preferred to observe at a safe distance.
They face a near riot every afternoon, and they keep a safe distance.
From a distance they were dots of color ready for flight, frictionless.
The problem is figuring out the distance between us and the stars.
It's an almost inherently negligible distance, five millimeters.
The colors were added to distinguish distance from the camera.
PS operates on the geometric principle of triangulation: calculating location by measuring the distance to other known points.
To answer this evolutionary riddle, let's distance ourselves from our warped human perspective.
In addition, a camera mounted in the mouth and a distance sensor in the nose help it detect a three-inch bright-pink ball.
The bigger the baseline, or distance between telescopes, the higher the resolution.
But when you think about them from a distance, they are strange conventions.
In two dimensions, bubble walls trace the shortest possible distance between a series of points.
As the density increased, the distance between the nuclei decreased, setting off a chain reaction.
It clearly seemed as if he wanted us to keep our distance.
And for whatever reason, he did not plot velocity vs distance.
Either that, or there's an awful lot of spooky-action-at-a-distance going on inside cells.
Some distance runners have a nervous, sparrowlike quality-this seems particularly common among milers.
Some were still staring, dazedly, into the middle distance.
They wore wool pants and sweaters and hats, and it was only from a distance that their progress looked effortless and unimpeded.
She had not even informed the people who lived at a distance, to elicit such notes.
Also, the job they had found for her was in a town a good distance away from where she used to live.
He put the page on a pillow, propped a bit, and he read it from a distance.
In the distance, he sees five pickup trucks arrayed in a rough circle and some dead bodies lying on the ground.
But from a distance, you don't see the brick at all.
The dandy's strategy is to combine daring with tact, flamboyance with distance.
Geographic distance allows the observer to embrace the large context of world literature.
It became clear to me that one of the things these dictators had tried to do was to humiliate us and distance us from one another.
They will chase each other around the moon measuring the distance to each other with great precision.
To determine the speed of each throw by measuring the distance the ball travels and the time it takes to land.
When that happens, a measurement on one immediately influences the other, regardless of the distance between them.
Fingers create a tiny electrical field that changes the capacitance of the array, depending on their distance from it.
Come to think of it, even long distance driving could use the same approach.
The frame keeps the instrument steady and at a measured distance from the skin.
When the molecules are confined in some way, they can spread some distance, when in a solid for example.
Given that its orbit will be elliptical, the amount of reflected light will change with the distance from its star.
To spot a galaxy at such a great distance, the astronomers used two optical tricks.
The distance between these surfaces determines which colors are amplified and which are canceled.
The flare is placed next to an uncovered mine and detonated from a distance.
The general thinking is that these conditions can only exist at a certain distance from the star--the so-called habitable zone.
He or she could pick up the signals from a wireless body area network from a distance using ultra sensitive antennas, for example.
But that distance will soon shrink to a few hundred nanometers.
Most notably, the distance over which they could convey keys and the ability to generate individual photons have been limited.
Two hundred meters was about the maximum distance-from here to the corner, or maybe two blocks down.
Others respectfully kept their distance from the center yet also refused in the crisis to budge from their places.
For the price of a room, you're living with art history-no museum distance between you and it.
In the near distance blackjack oak, poplar, and pine fill the hillside woods.
His skull was broken open and his jawbone was a short distance away.
He stares into the middle distance as he begins a ghastly and meticulous chronicle of the deaths.
At last, the figures on the mine site got into tiny trucks and drove to a safe distance.
Yes, and the fullness of long-distance communication.
The gigantic, heavy arch on the opposite side is a disappointment from a distance.
From a distance, they appeared terrifying to anyone who entered.
If you have an autofocus camera, find out what the minimum focusing distance is and how the autofocus works.
Of course there is no great distance between these pictures of the poet.
His eyes were once more fixed on the distance, as they generally were, where the edges of infinity had come a little closer.
People constantly formed crowds to look at us, but kept their distance and stayed quiet.
Friends and family members are warned to keep their distance, lest they too be branded counterrevolutionaries and punished.
Seen from a distance these differences partly disappear.
We observe them with a sympathetic eye, but from a distance.
Looked at from a longer distance, the statement suggested a degree of mental dissociation.
The distance given may differ slightly from actual mileage due to new construction or temporary detours.

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