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Example sentences for dissuade

Don't let the fact that they're free dissuade you from trying them.
And therefore they'll see persecution everywhere, there's really no use trying to dissuade them otherwise.
These eye-catching patterns serve to dissuade and confuse potential predators.
It is possible also that it might dissuade them from attack or from planning for future attack.
Graduate school attracts single-minded people who, once set on a course, are difficult to dissuade.
But they also worry that the attention will dissuade people with serious debt problems from getting the help they need.
The only value would be to dissuade an invasion.
But those stories did not dissuade the researchers, who had seen evidence to the contrary.
As mentioned before, a market downturn definitely shouldn't dissuade you from investing.
So that threat alone should dissuade anyone from contemplating such action.
He even endeavoured to dissuade the king from the expedition, but was not able to prevail.
It used to be that only a price tag could dissuade a would-be fiancé from buying a diamond engagement ring.
The will to believe this guru is so strong that no amount of actual data will dissuade some from that belief.
But don't let the predictability of that narrative dissuade you-these are some colorful characters with fascinating tales to tell.
Such a revolution ought to be obvious enough to dissuade others from writing about stagnation.
So entrenched is the anti-globalisation that informs her world view, she would be tough to dissuade.
But all stress diplomacy and sanctions to dissuade it from bomb-building, and caution against a rush to war.
Petrol tax is there to dissuade people from using petrol, that's all.
Seeds are quite high in calories because of their natural oils but don't let that dissuade you from enjoying them.
It is a plainclothes police officer, sidling up on a bar stool to calmly dissuade the drinker from getting behind the wheel.
The videotape's aim will be to dissuade corporate employees from insider trading.
The protective priest tries to dissuade him, but its to no avail, the club owner wants to marry her.
The cold might dissuade you from being there too long.
Once the crows have vacated a location, crow effigies will be hung to dissuade the crows from returning.
So, our country is increasingly using conventional military capability to dissuade potential adversaries.
If all efforts to dissuade problem skunks fail, you may feel the need to trap the animals.
The respondent attempted to dissuade the criminal client from doing so.
If all efforts to dissuade problem pigeons fail and they continue to be a human safety concern, they may have to be trapped.

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