dissolute in a sentence

Example sentences for dissolute

Some were for the swamp, some for a dissolute motel scene.
Cherie quickly segues from sassy-sweet to dissolute and foul-mouthed.
This was perfectly in keeping with his dissolute, bourgeois-baiting public persona.
Today, he is a born-again family man who testifies for church groups on his formerly dissolute days.
He was a mature man of middle years, not a dissolute youth, but maturity only enhanced his rugged good looks.
Jaeger's head is aslant and his eyes jut forward in a pose both arrogant and dissolute.
They show lankily seductive, somewhat dissolute-looking urban adolescents.
As a teenaged boarding school student, he had earned a reputation as a dissolute, violent bully.
These excesses made the commission an easy political target, giving rise to myths of its wanton, almost dissolute ways.
The city supplies water to thousands t criminal and dissolute establishments.

Famous quotes containing the word dissolute

A few days later the younger son gathered all he had and traveled to a distant country, and there he squandered his prop... more
I begin to find out that nothing but virtue will do in this damned world. I am tolerably sick of vice which I have tried... more
Disease was a perverse, a dissolute form of life.... more
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