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The energy dissipation captured from wind is no longer available to be a windy day.
These layers of resources to cohere discrete bits requires machines, which require heat dissipation.
In addition, the reduced heat dissipation allows it to function in dense design configurations.
Win, place or show, horse racing is pervaded with the pungent mystique that sets it apart from lesser forms of dissipation.
The exospheric measurements provide some observational backup for an earlier theoretical model of the planet's dissipation.
The dissipation units are built into a building's structural skeleton.
If your body does not have enough fluids to release during the thermoregulatory response, heat dissipation will be impaired.
His measurement, a power dissipation index, is based on storm intensity and duration.
By using less power, the sets can also be made thinner, as heat dissipation is less of a problem.
The dissipation of the opening-night audience's fears was amazingly fast in arriving.
But the depictions of violence, rage, corruption and dissipation have the feel of historical set pieces.
He hopes it will attract his slobby friends to the rec room for sports viewing and dissipation.
Scientists say the waterspout's dissipation usually occurs when rain begins falling from the parent cloud.
Such machines consume oodles of power, so heat dissipation becomes a fundamental concern.
It was the moment of gallantry in heartbreak, grim and nonchalant banter, and heroic dissipation.
Other improvements, such as better heat dissipation and reflectivity, also boost performance.
Murderous dissipation went with the music, inseparable, skin and bone.
In addition, a properly designed impact type energy dissipator will outperform a hydraulic jump as an energy dissipation device.
Energy dissipation is achieved by virtue of the vertical hanging baffle.

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