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There is a simple rule of thumb that can be applied toward multiple solutions: don't expend energy in order to dissipate energy.
It will probably make the pain dissipate faster.
First of all, tornadoes go through changes before they dissipate.
Ranchers' historic animosity toward a predator like the jaguar doesn't dissipate easily.
The resistors capture and dissipate excess energy from the motors.
Merely closing the bathroom door and opening a window will dissipate excess water vapor resulting from tub bathing or showering.
Most oil that is not recovered will either sink or dissipate in the water.
They form, then dissipate quickly.
Radio waves, he points out, go out to space and never dissipate.
His legislative influence may dissipate within two years; his leadership potential may end after four.
Contrails dissipate shortly after they are laid down.
During a period of no shocks, if the temperature is high enough, these bands dissipate.
The wave of good feeling between the two countries would soon dissipate, however, in mutual accusations.
From computer simulations, scientists have a fair idea of how sunspots might arise and dissipate.
Seismic isolators allow buildings to slide around a bit as a way to dissipate the energy of an earthquake.
Cyberspace affords new opportunities for capturing attention that might otherwise dissipate.
So scientists collect what they can and let the rest dissipate into the ether.
Normally worker protests dissipate rapidly, with unions usually taking the side of managers.
But a miasma of other dark fears soon arose, and has yet to dissipate.
Those who took capacity down over the previous few years to push prices up could see their gains rapidly dissipate.
The ultrasonic waves don't dissipate, traveling pretty much straight ahead.
Now remove it immediately from the heat, pour it into a cold bowl, and stir it briskly a few times to dissipate some of the heat.
Having more electrical energy, you can always think of that as having more energy to dissipate.
If a material conducts heat well, this current-generating temperature gradient will dissipate.
Now an odor remains, an atmosphere that will only slowly dissipate.
Another option has been to build a fan into the lighting system that can dissipate warmed air.
With this gurgling volcano of active internal organs, the body has a critical need to dissipate heat to the surroundings.
But many of those loosened electrons dissipate as heat rather than being funneled out of the photovoltaic cell.
Contacting spheres however can cause the gravitational infinity to dissipate when their centers are parsecs apart.
Their pain can last for days or even weeks at a time, then dissipate, only to return.
It may dissipate into the universe but remain somehow entangled in some kind of functional unit, maybe indefinitely.
The first products were heavy, with other-worldly metal fins attached to dissipate heat.
And he suggests creating a buffer zone to allow dirt to dissipate before shoes reach the carpet.
Pressures, financial and otherwise, seemed to dissipate.
The photos were taken after the funnel began to dissipate.
Cords are designed to dissipate heat into the surrounding atmosphere.
Warming weather in the past week has helped to dissipate the propane vapor that has leaked into the adjoining snowpack.
In this region, blooms historically appear in late summer and dissipate in mid to late fall.
Blooms will dissipate and water quality will improve with cooler temperatures.
Warming weather has helped to dissipate some of the propane vapor that has leaked into the adjoining snowpack.

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