dissimulation in a sentence

Example sentences for dissimulation

Not having it until 1949, it is possible that his publicly stated views about its unimportance were merely dissimulation.
For some productions, he has also designed costumes, learning more tricks of proportional dissimulation.
All goodness is dissimulation; all kindness deceit.
It had certainly taught him none of the arts of dissimulation or led him to cloak his ultimate objective.
They may feign symptoms that do not exist (simulation), or intentionally hide symptoms that do (dissimulation).
His coldness must be reckoned clearness of head, his dissimulation prudence.
But this dissimulation lasted only till the other two were gone.
The politeness which I practise every day is largely dissimulation of this kind.
Using a language half truthful and half that of dissimulation.
The government was at this point pursuing a strategy of dissimulation, denial and stonewalling.

Famous quotes containing the word dissimulation

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