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Example sentences for dissimilar

Two influences shaped his career, and they could not be more dissimilar.
The fragmentation of the economy into dissimilar realms has been debated for years by economists.
The computer is blind to the fact that these things are dissimilar in some way that's important to humans.
Two otherwise dissimilar particles can be quantum entangled.
In neurobiological terms, binge eating is not dissimilar to drug addiction.
The ego seeks to confirm itself and it does that through acceptance of similar people and rejection of dissimilar people.
His theory deals with what happened to life after it was already here, two distinctly dissimilar processes.
Yet it is not dissimilar to that in many other rich countries, which have mostly seen equally rapid increases.
Members of couples with similar personalities were indeed happier than those whose partners were dissimilar.
In the meantime, the dynamic is not dissimilar to a game of chicken, which is a poor way to make crucial policy decisions.
Not at all dissimilar to a lot of the language in these comments, from both sides.
The relationship is not too dissimilar and has continued in a relatively stable fashion for almost a century.
The vocabulary, in particular, is notably dissimilar.
It should be observed that the process of imitation probably never commenced between forms widely dissimilar in colour.
Two characters altogether dissimilar are united in him.
And culturally the two places are not dissimilar, so it was a fairly easy adjustment to make.
But the conundrums resulting from their respective executions are not dissimilar.
Different spellings of the disease gene resulted in different phenotypes-their dissimilar physical appearances.
The purple hand is perceived as unfamiliar and dissimilar to the self, however the brain incorporates the pain of this hand.
But being a movie director and becoming one are two fundamentally dissimilar things, as five filmmakers made clear.
Their temperaments are dissimilar in ways which would clash.
Moreover, some of the alleged prior incidents are factually dissimilar from the charged conduct in some material respects.
But in the movie's optimistic view, it's possible for personalities this dissimilar to nurture each other in unexpected ways.

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