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Dissidents are increasingly vocal, and independent media outlets have proliferated.
Police arrested dissidents and monitored contacts with foreigners.
Most people think of it as a barren, snowy wasteland, or place of exile for dissidents.
Despite the country's tremendous economic growth, the government still maintains strict control over dissidents.
But don't expect that to increase the information flow to dissidents.
True, surveillance remains widespread, and outspoken dissidents are punished harshly.
Much of this relocation was apparently politically inspired, aimed at breaking up groups of potential dissidents.
The psychiatric literature is so confusing that even the dissidents disagree.
The handful of dissidents still living there are closely watched and periodically detained and interrogated.
Soviet-era dissidents were arrested and locked up or exiled.
Today's dissidents tend simply to be beaten up, shot, poisoned or blown up.
The laws are simply a means to spy on our own citizens and to detain and torture dissidents without trial or a right to council.
But it's becoming increasingly common for governments to use transparent proxies to censor and track dissidents and protestors.
The preceding volumes are certainly not the work of intellectual rebels or dissidents.
The inclusion of a few innocents and dissidents hardly brightens the picture.
Its officers have legal status and secure places of work instead of the hunted life of the dissidents.
US technology companies today are engaged in a similar sickening collaboration, decapitating the voice of the dissidents.
The report also concluded that all previously known dissidents had been effectively silenced by jail, torture, or exile.
Gao suffered horrendous torture which his captors reportedly videotaped and showed to other detained dissidents.
Dissidents and their family members routinely were warned not to speak with the foreign press.
Throughout the war, it's prison held almost nine hundred dissidents.
Another form of intimidation for dissidents, used mostly during the second half of the nineteenth century, was exile.

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