dissenting in a sentence

Example sentences for dissenting

One dissenting voice against general scientific consensus.
History has many examples of the lonely dissenting voice proven correct in the long run.
Instead they listened to two dissenting voices in the department.
The dissenting scientists worked mostly with one nontoxic strain.
They make their claims with such certainty and conviction that there is no room left for a dissenting thought.
Two answers have emerged in the past century or so--a majority answer and a dissenting opinion.
Maybe you should read the opinions of the dissenting scientists from those studies.
It only points out your inability to cope with dissenting viewpoints.
His desire was to have no dissenting or even alternative voices on his watch.
The faction that won these debates promoted its own version of the history of the times and suppressed dissenting voices.
Moreover, the portion of the opinion relied upon by the court below was the dissenting part.

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