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Rather, it's a revolution in the dissemination of intellectual capital.
He emphasized that Oxford's central business — the dissemination of high-quality scholarship — remains unaffected.
Minimal destruction should occur during operational dissemination.
What appalled them was the dissemination of the pictures throughout the world.
At that point there was no stopping dissemination.
Interplanetary communications by space craft raise the possibility of artificial dissemination of life to new habitats.
They were created as the dissemination arm of the land grant universities (the schools with the agricultural bent).
Combining engagement, information dissemination and support for émigrés is the only way to promote change.
As a scientist, I do not condone in any way the dissemination of results that may be tainted or twisted to fit hypotheses.
Much of the discussion of what goes on in the classroom seems to be about the dissemination of information.
But the spirit of the act-to encourage dissemination-argues against such exclusivity.
Viruses use iron as part of their reproductive cycle, so depriving them of it blocks their dissemination.
From that fertile ground, there's practically no stopping the widespread dissemination of bacterial resistance genes.
It's a mode of communication here, of information dissemination.
The speed of dissemination is breathtaking: mangled to meme in less than two days.
In the space of four years, many of the questions surrounding the digital dissemination of books have been resolved.
In the years since, standards governing the pursuit and dissemination of such material have steadily diminished.
Even targeting dissemination of the information to scientists who request it will likely not enhance the public's health.
It has value only when it's fresh, in that window of time between initial dissemination and universal saturation.
Instead, it's to sell personal information as widely as possible without controlling its dissemination.
And it surely hampers writing up the findings for scientific peer review and for wider public dissemination.
All of this facilitated a rapid dissemination of new ideas and a dramatic and visible clash of conflicting views.
They are inherently amenable to the frictionless dissemination of information.
Controlling the dissemination of information and restricting future work seems advisable.
Those forums continue to be used for strategic guidance, operational instruction, and of course propaganda dissemination.
The propaganda dissemination always seems to get the focus.
With this move, they are ensuring wide dissemination of their music, and getting people to think.

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