disseminated in a sentence

Example sentences for disseminated

Such lessons should be disseminated around the world.
That leads to data being suppressed, and false science being disseminated.
Right now, I want to tackle what's already been disseminated.
Pupils also do not want to see the information that teachers have about them disseminated.
The pay off is that the knowledge is disseminated.
Searching is a numbers game -- the more information is disseminated, the better the chances of recovery.
It must be disseminated as widely as possible.
While none of this should influence the art itself, it has everything to do with how it is disseminated.
This info has also been widely disseminated to contractors.
Perhaps less concentrated but far more disseminated all over.
Information is being collected and disseminated at an exponential rate.
But by now, both mbira and thumb piano are so widely disseminated that they're pretty much inescapable, however problematic.
Information is not disseminated but jealously guarded.
But scientific discoveries take time to be digested and disseminated.
Our news, including reports of astronaut missions now relegated to back pages, is disseminated through space.

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