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For one body, for example, scanning revealed a lethal stroke that dissection missed.
No surprise, then, that the dissection of the human body attracts so many attempts at explication.
Worse, dissection led to more complications, not fewer.
Once doctors had insured a dignified and respectful dissection at the hospital, public opinion turned.
So it's no surprise to learn that his own life was framed by the exacting discipline of anatomical dissection.
Researchers view each hair-thin wafer of brain tissue under a microscope outfitted with a laser for precision dissection.
One with a more reasonable plan that survives the math and on-air dissection wins.
The book shifts halfway through into a lower gear and becomes a fragmented and partial dissection of a career.
The kinds of paintings that he made represent a dissection of the human soul-his own in particular.
Hitherto the majority has been distinctly inclined to give a sentence of summary decapitation and dissection.
The diagram above shows a dissection into three pieces, which can be rearranged to form the desired square.
Dissection showed that these four had regrown spinal-cord axons across the lesions.
One who snatches or purloins bodies, newly buried, to sell them to surgeons for dissection.
It is a skilful and merciless dissection of the whole of human nature.
It's more an instinctive longing that won't stand dissection.
The difference in the resultant proceedings is not unlike that between a gross dissection and a surgical operation.
High school students wary of dissection may be in the clear, thanks to a newly bred see-through goldfish.
Put down those knives-this transparent amphibian allows for observation of its innards without the need for dissection.
Dissection of chameleon tongues revealed an elastic collagen tissue sandwiched between the tongue bone and the accelerator muscle.
The vindication came not from fossils, or from specimens of living creatures, or from dissection of their organs.
They don't allow the same level of dissection that cadavers do, making them limited as anatomy teaching aids.
Students skip slime, stink with virtual dissection.
Dissection can be caused by clogged arteries or injuries such as a car accident.
Thanks to their boldness and to modern refinements, the mortality rate for aortic dissection has dropped to one in four.
Dissection of the rat brains revealed not only reduced inflammation but the growth of new neurons.
Eat all of it you want, then submit yourselves to the scientists for dissection.
But before the last campaign wagon heads south, there remains the little matter of dissection.
Candidates for major office now routinely release copies of their tax returns for public inspection and media dissection.

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