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At that point their chanting became audible in the conference room but wasn't loud enough to disrupt the closed-door proceedings.
But the one thing likely to disrupt these forecasts is congestion.
These cause auroras, disrupt satellites and radio communications, and-in extreme cases-wreak havoc with power grids.
Global warming will disrupt the release of chemicals that plants use to communicate.
They donned tree costumes to attract attention to their cause and crawled into tree platforms to disrupt logging.
We need these for safety reasons, but ground connections provide entry paths for charges that could disrupt the grid.
Technology nowadays is supposed to be disruptive-in a good way- so let it disrupt your summer vacation.
Yet technological change can disrupt established industries by lowering the barriers to entry and letting in newcomers.
Weapons to disrupt balance or cause artificial fevers.
Ijaw youths threatened to disrupt the election unless the boundaries were redrawn.
Testing may cause marine mammals, such as whales, to change their migratory routes and could disrupt feeding and mating.
They disrupt native vegetation and make it easier for invasive plants to take hold.
In theory, this string of nines might disrupt systems and provide a preview of the millennium bug.
The programs that disrupt that collective spirit will do so at their peril.
Some of the pollution would fall as damaging acid rain, which can severely disrupt ecosystems.
Especially if weather threatens to disrupt candidate's trip home.
For migratory species, such dams can disrupt several stages of the life cycle of the fish.
Invisible to the seals and their prey, the emissions did not disrupt their normal behavior.
No where does it say the teacher is a punching bag or that the student is allowed to disrupt others at will.
Or it may be that thousands of small mutations disrupt body and brain in different ways in different populations.
Various behaviors and environmental factors can also disrupt sleep.
But don't disrupt what ought to be a venue for actually addressing the ideas raised.
Anything that would cost serious money, and disrupt his deficit-reduction plan, was ruled out.
But the tourists also crowd narrow roads, strain scarce water resources, and disrupt wildlife.
Such electrolyte imbalances can disrupt heart rhythms, thereby leading to cardiac arrest.
Competencies were briefly brought up as a way to disrupt this sort of thinking.
The next step after penetrating networks to steal data is to disrupt or manipulate them.
In dry, sandy regions, barchan dunes can disrupt infrastructure such as roads and pipelines because of their transient nature.
They say things that have the permanent power to disrupt our habits of thought.
In particular, they disrupt the immune systems of animals such as fish, cause hormonal imbalances and promote tumours.
Oil and gas production may disrupt sensitive habitat.
The environment has natural mechanisms to maintain a balance, and quick fixes might disrupt those mechanisms, maybe permanently.
Demonstrations and counter-demonstrations disrupt the centre of town.
But a large group of hunters can disrupt or even stop a run, and nearly every fish that arrives may be caught.
Placing turbines in tidal streams is complex, because the machines are large and disrupt the tide they are trying to harness.
The oils also can disrupt an insect's cellular membranes, causing fatal leakages of essential fluids.
There were only a couple of factors to disrupt the scene.
Already scientists have identified gene weaknesses that may be exploited to disrupt the life cycle of the malaria parasite.
The incursion did little to disrupt life in the slum.
Politicians have been known to hire gangs and arm them to disrupt rivals' campaign events.
The method can be used both to disrupt particular genes and to add new genetic material at a specific site.
Makers have no friends in the corridors of power and no safe haven from which to seriously disrupt the status quo.
They scoff at the claim that drilling in this relatively small area would disrupt wildlife.
The free radicals may also disrupt other parts of cells directly.
Smart systems will also disrupt one industry after another.
It doesn't do anything but disrupt our lives twice a year.
The temptations that can disrupt their lives are often pure indulgences.
Their deaths were meant to send a message to park personnel who were trying to disrupt the trade.
When that's done, she adds, researchers can disrupt the mechanism in animals and see what happens.
So the law, if rigorously enforced, could disrupt the state's economy.
But the technology is coming, and it is likely to disrupt every field it touches.
One suspected case in a factory could disrupt operations for days.
The euro could disrupt any such rapprochement, however.
Sporadic treatment at retail clinics could disrupt continuity of treatment and preventative care, some medical groups worry.
Public fights over programming costs disrupt that idea.
No one wants to do anything that might disrupt that critical mental process.
Public art has the power to confront you on your daily path and disrupt your routine.
It is true that the oil sands disrupt the boreal forest, as does any human activity.
Surely a website or a set of websites would disrupt the whole thing.
There have also been attempts to douse trees with pheromones that disrupt the mating process.
We cannot allow sentimentality to disrupt our decisions.
Scientists are not trying to disrupt some feel-good campfire session.
As they do, they disrupt the chain of life in their eco-systems, putting themselves and other species at risk.
Originating within the heart itself, unrelated to brain signals or emotional distress, these arrhythmias can disrupt blood flow.
They are developing a set of chemicals that disrupt the mosquito's sense of smell, effectively blinding the insects to humans.
Implants can inflame the surrounding tissue, and scarring can disrupt the connection between neurons and electrodes.
The loss of normal function may also disrupt the cell's defenses against cancerous growth.
If these are shoved into the wrong place, and disrupt important genes, they could trigger the growth of tumours.
Political conflict or cutbacks in exports could drastically disrupt the market.
Reconsolidation means it's easier to disrupt but no one knows what's getting disrupted.
They can seriously disrupt the success of any culture.
These events can disrupt the operation of power grids, railway signaling, magnetic surveying and drilling for oil and gas.
The information economy began to disrupt the industrial economy.
There are worries that these bankers could disrupt their companies' corporate cultures if they are perceived as stars.
It sends enough pulverized rock into the atmosphere to disrupt weather around the globe for more than a year.
It doesn't disrupt your heartbeat, but it is incredibly muscular.
The malware was a logic bomb that was designed to cause damage and disrupt data on the servers at some future date.
The longer day can temporarily disrupt all the arrangements that parents rely on to keep kids safe and occupied after school.
It might rather distract and disrupt the flow of commentary.
Natural disasters disrupt production, much as less destructive episodes of bad weather do.
Workers' protests disrupt production and threaten prosperity.
People will be enlightened and the nominal-journalists wouldn't have much to disrupt.

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