disrepute in a sentence

Example sentences for disrepute

The email got lots of publicity, brought the firm into disrepute, and he became a laughing stock.
These parasites bring disrepute to higher education and the whole idea of tenure, in addition to stealing valuable resources.
Another example displays the arithmetical powers of the dream, which have brought it into such disrepute.
After the last two presidential elections, the predictive power of exit polls has fallen into disrepute.
The disrepute of the family is extreme and perhaps in that way it exceeds the bounds of realism.
It's only after a claim has fallen into disrepute that a physicist will come out and spin it in a negative light.
It was history, the results of giving eugenics the test of time, that has led to its disrepute.
When an employee forgets who they are working for and brings disrepute to an organization then it's time to part ways.
Supposedly, this was to bring the government into disrepute, by getting officials blamed.
He was forced out of the party last year for supposedly bringing it into disrepute.
His fourth argument is that a high-taxing state is in danger of falling into disrepute.
One of the reasons mainstream econ had fallen into disrepute is that their models are so incredibly bad.
For her, ripping off a hated agency could serve the ultimate cause of driving it into disrepute or desuetude.
Regrettably, all industries have a few members who operate in a manner that brings disrepute to the honest, hardworking majority.
Occasionally an incident may at first seem to be a matter involving notoriety or disrepute which requires prompt reporting.
The use of arsenic for treating these disorders has fallen into disrepute or has been replaced by more effective alternatives.
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