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Not only are they often misshapen and woefully out of date, but many have been in a state of disrepair for years.
Lucky for urban explorers and adventurous photographers, they're still pretty incredible to see, no matter the state of disrepair.
The house had been unoccupied for many years and was in a state of disrepair.
Upon investigation the apartments were found in a state of disrepair.
Paving broken, in a state of disrepair or having no paving.
The drab brick buildings and the disrepair evident everywhere are the first signals.
As a consequence, the grid has fallen into disrepair, with few major efforts to fix it.
The town hasn't changed much and is now in disrepair due to a downturn in the economy.
As a result, the city's sacred manuscripts began to fall into disrepair.
But too many roads within the parks themselves are in disrepair and some pose a real danger to drivers.
He's called the city about the marker's disrepair, and they haven't done anything, so he's taking matters into his own hands.
We weren't even counting the ones that were already in disrepair.
Your country has fallen into disrepair, and it saddens the rest of us.
The family did not sell the house, which was both tenanted and in disrepair.
Over the years its four refineries, having fallen into chronic disrepair, have run at only one-third of production capacity.
But the agricultural extension system is now in some disrepair.
Cyclone shelters are useless if they fall into disrepair.
Crime is rampant and higher education is in disrepair.
They'd slid into disrepair, with chipped brown exterior walls and worn down lobbies.
The slipping-away came slowly, until her leaving and the disrepair.
The nation was neither in disrepair nor perfect mint.
Use caution and discretion when visiting the property, as the property is in severe disrepair.
Many homes turned into rental housing and began to deteriorate, giving way to blight and disrepair.
But other parts of the road system are also in disrepair.
Several maintenance strategies exist to prevent systems disrepair and degradation.
Unfortunately, the building is currently is disrepair and is not open to the public.
After a period of limited use and disrepair the building structure declined.
Disrepair and worries about energy efficiency are often the explanation given for removing historic windows.
The once stylish turn-of-the-century home was eventually boarded up, and in great disrepair.
The gravesites, with cracked tombstones and mining markers, are in disrepair.

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