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In several ways the play is puzzling, and disquieting as is none of the others.
One of our scouts finally returns with disquieting news.
Some questions are disquieting because they can be answered in only one of two equally mind-boggling ways.
The article does briefly mention the disquieting fact that health insurers would rather pay for medication than therapy.
It is disquieting to hear that it is used in pill coatings.
It's a disquieting thought, especially because there's currently no easy way to tell.
But while these figures are disquieting, a smaller fraction of people were affected than was the case two decades ago.
Then came the disquieting blue stare, and the surprisingly loud, ringing voice.
But they also raise disquieting questions for air travel.
Then the researchers asked those people what they actually would do-with disquieting results.
History has shown a disquieting correlation between such astronomical conditions and coastal flooding.
These factors may also have planted the seeds of a complicated, disquieting side of him that persists to this day.
It is disquiet that respects the line, disquiet controlled and therefore doubly disquieting.
He already has the disquieting gift of lowering the temperature of any room he enters.
It's disquieting that anyone with that kind of track record for trouble spent so little time behind bars.
Its obvious success with a modern audience is also rather disquieting.
For the disquieting threat of a mortgage still hangs over the school.
Financial markets are already sending disquieting signals.
What is transparently obvious to some may represent a new and exciting and/or disquieting discovery to others.
But other, more disquieting factors are also at work.
The increasing presence of many immigrant tenants was also disquieting.
Although there inevitably is some subjectivity in any such exercise, the results are provocative and disquieting.
The prospect of significantly divergent sales taxes by a borough and a city within that borough is disquieting.

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