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But while it still baffles, there is reason for a twinge of disquiet at the state of our defense against novel diseases.
Gruesome details about the mechanics of executions also stoke public disquiet.
So far the markets have shown only muted signs of disquiet.
Emotional disquiet about negative changes in one's environment.
But it also found general, and increasing, disquiet about inequality and fat-cattery.
Consider, for example, the current disquiet about the stock market.
The developments added to the disquiet over handling of information related to the disaster.
The mounting disquiet reflects a huge jump in the price of property, particularly luxury flats.
Advances in technology have contributed to this disquiet.
But the increasing role for public opinion is causing some disquiet too.
One measure of the modellers' prestige is the disquiet they inspired among free-market types.
At times she shows a real talent for poetry and its rhythm, and uses the disquiet in herself to capture the humanity around her.
In response to the crisis there were cuts and those in education brought considerable disquiet.
What decent citizens should feel is disquiet and indignation.
His is a prickly idiom, an idiom of precision and penetration and disquiet.
The decision to devise a triple seal undoubtedly helped pacify consumer disquiet.
Undoubtedly much of this disquiet grows out of the character of the people.
Yet far more often than not, humor is a sugar-coating for disquiet.
The music takes its time, then leaves behind not tranquillity but disquiet.
In country after country voters went to the polls to register their disquiet about the whole undertaking.
There is disquiet, too, about the timing of the shooting.
But disquiet, fear and suspicion spread in the land.

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