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Scholars have long noted the disproportionate number of minority students in special education.
Community colleges face disproportionate cuts in state budgets.
Such preferences leave a disproportionate number of smaller animals and plants to reproduce.
You're likely to get a disproportionate amount of conversation on areas that aren't as vital.
There's some sense, too, that the collapse was disproportionate.
Disproportionate old-age poverty would have a huge impact on the social backing for policies designed to foster growth.
Even more important, cooling accounts for a disproportionate share of electric utility costs.
Second, dominant groups have disproportionate control over the production and preservation of widely circulated stories.
By any measure, for-profit colleges account for a disproportionate share of student-loan defaults.
The collar is a little high, but it helps keep out the snow even if it looks a little disproportionate.
Of course the extremely wealthy should pay a disproportionate share of the taxes.
Italians buy a disproportionate number of toys from small, local makers.
Indigenous peoples still experience racism, poor health and disproportionate poverty.
Voters' support for ongoing austerity depends on a disproportionate share of any new revenue coming from the wealthy.
But its production uses up a hugely disproportionate share of agricultural resources.
The unpaved section is a fraction of the total distance but takes a disproportionate amount of time.
They receive a disproportionate number of citations.
Perhaps taxpayers are paying a disproportionate price for this.
It also rejected the argument that extradition was disproportionate to the potential crime involved.
Coalition governments give disproportionate power to regional and caste-based minority parties.
It gives disproportionate clout to small, backward provinces.
There were lumpy sharks and disproportionate turtles.
But the article gave disproportionate emphasis to the crisis and not enough to the opportunity.
The disproportionate influence of such groups is a primary reason anti-environmental policies are advanced.
In many cases, the study said, the three-strike convictions amounted to egregiously disproportionate punishment.
But it happens that a disproportionate number of the beneficiaries are white.
The expropriation was overturned for being arbitrary, disproportionate and lacking proper compensation.
So you may be devoting a disproportionate amount of energy to something that isn't that beneficial.
When oil markets operate at the limits of supply, even the smallest extra disruption has a disproportionate effect.
Second, the psychological scars will run deep for the private firms that bear a disproportionate burden of overall corporate debt.
Your concern about nuclear power plants seems to be disproportionate to the risks.
Rather, proposed federal and state policies could have a disproportionate impact on his students.
Be open to sharing credit with others, even if you feel you have made a disproportionate contribution to the research.
However, their extraordinary quality can have disproportionate consequences.
As with so many public-health issues, a disproportionate part of the burden appears to be falling on the poorest of the poor.
Yet this grossly disproportionate flogging punishment, akin to torture, cries out for condemnation.
It is easy to project too much retrospective mystery upon her due to the disproportionate importance of her grandson.
There is admittedly a flavor of melodrama in this insistent air of urgency, but it doesn't feel disproportionate.
But the attention they have received is wildly disproportionate to their importance.
And it will also account for a disproportionate share of business innovations.
Yet some are expending a disproportionate amount of blood.
In any large society it's essential for those with full bellies and a longer view to wield disproportionate power.
But unless substantial savings are made in welfare, public services will pay a disproportionate penalty.
Inventories have made a disproportionate contribution and they are not a lasting source of demand.
It also has a disproportionate number of single professionals with big disposable incomes.

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