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The well-conditioned thin are made furious by the fatties-the abstemious being singularly disposed to fury.
People are less disposed to make costly gestures towards environmental protection in a slump.
Altruists are disposed to take an action helping others, but such actions have a specific cost.
He disposed of the bugs after dark with the help of a little gasoline.
Too bad that his real troubles cannot be disposed of so easily.
He promptly disposed of the heating pad and bought the couple a new one.
If they can't brush it off they'll be disposed to paranoia and conflict.
Some items are too toxic to be recycled and should be disposed of properly.
Tigers get fed, caught poachers are disposed of and provide the rest of the poachers with some food for thought.
Academics are heroic complainers and not always well disposed to profit-maximising businesses.
But the bulbs should be disposed of properly and cleaned carefully if broken.
We would create a vacuum which others less well disposed to our interests would be eager to fill.
Some levy fees on certain products, akin to bottle deposits, to ensure they are disposed of safely.
We are not disposed to act to prevent further global warming.
Many things can be reused or disposed of in the proper manner instead of landfills.
More than half were sold in a single day, and the entire lot is expected to be disposed of by to-day.
Its paraphernalia, horses, and animals are now being disposed of at auction.
Over the past decade it has become clear that bacteria are already well disposed to the idea of interchangeable parts.
There is virtually no awareness that human faeces cause a variety of ailments, if it is not properly disposed off.
The entire business should have been sorted, solved and disposed of long ago.
Maybe you, too, are disposed toward critical thinking.
More than forty-four thousand objects are to be disposed of, in eighteen sessions spread over nine days.
They have to be disposed of, more energy and more pollution.
Any leftovers were disposed of and her food was in her bowl.
She has no interior life, and she's disposed of once she's taught her lesson.
Blacks were no longer disposed to accept such treatment.
Here was another warning for those disposed to heed it.
Well-disposed doctors check up on them, and several student volunteers play with the children.
After burning there is still the ash to be disposed of, usually in a landfill, again with potentially baleful consequences.
What a pleasant surprise to find so many comments positively disposed to change.
Others must be disposed of because they are not used for anything of sufficient value to make marketing them feasible.
The water can be disposed of or recycled in a number of ways.
Dissolved solids and other contaminants would then have to be disposed of, but their volume is presumably much smaller.
We would rather see all bottles recycled, reused or disposed of properly.
We aren't talking about a surplus of incorrectly disposed grocery bags.
Air and ground pollution actually reduces due to the average disposed item degrading quicker than the alternative.
But almost immediately, noses turned up and napkins discreetly disposed of unwanted tastes.
He occupies a cell to himself, and did not seem disposed to talk with anybody.
All the rest of the city is intact, and contains twenty thousand citizens, quiet and well-disposed.
He's been known to hide garbage in an auto plant, only to return a few weeks later to see if anyone disposed of it.
But water pollution can occur if drilling fluids are disposed of improperly.
After his stroke, he sold the palace and disposed of the contents.
Batteries have a high concentration of metals, which if not disposed of properly can seep into the ground when the casing erodes.
The standard practice back then was, negatives were disposed of after six months.
Many important aspects of the case are disposed of in a few dismissive paragraphs.
We are not disposed to hide what light there is under a bushel.
He disposed of their time and labor according to the needs of himself or his white children and their husbands.
Insofar as these adults are so disposed, it is irresponsible or worse for them to take on parenthood.
It is disposed in longitudinal folds, which disappear on distension of the tube.
He had not my way of laughing it off, but was rather disposed to see the serious side of it.
Many of the materials disposed as garbage are recyclable, representing lost embodied energy and natural resources.
Small amounts of all of these salts could be disposed of in the sink.

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