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Still, you need some disposable income, or you must be so indispensable to your employers that they will pay for it.
Obsessed sci-fi fans with disposable income and a lust for metallic action figures of their own design can rest easy.
It's not that they're wallowing in money, but they certainly have enough disposable income to support their eccentricities.
Low- and middle-income consumers, however, do not have as much extra disposable income to increase their spending.
Perhaps a small bump in disposable income helped during the month.
Gains in disposable income are key for sustainable growth in demand, but they're also a salient political indicator.
As long as there is grime and disposable income there will be customers-no sweat.
These are kids with enough disposable income and not too much parental dominance.
We've put our kids through school and now have more disposable income than our grandchildren.
None of my disposable income goes to baseball or any of their advertisers.
So parting with some of your disposable income is less painful.
They seem to have more disposable income than once thought.
People with disposable income choose to spend it in different ways.
Given already increased saving rates, consumption growth will be closer tied to growth of disposable income next year.
And the poorest households spend much of their disposable income combating the disease.
The surge in oil prices is eating into disposable income and being felt in consumer spending.
Now it is more about disposable income and the quality of the viewing experience.
It is likely that the additional disposable income is going to be worth less than the culture of the place they live.
Disposable income equals the earnings left after certain required deductions.
Disposable income is defined as the amount of income that is left to individuals after paying taxes.
Security payments to be disposable income, despite their exemption under federal law.
The disposable income you receive during the application year determines your eligibility.
The trustee contends that the plan does not provide for the payment of all the debtors' disposable income for the required period.
If not, the plan fails to satisfy the disposable income test requirement and cannot be confirmed as currently proposed.

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