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Spoon melted chocolate into a resealable plastic bag or a disposable pastry bag.
Pack disposable suitable work clothing, tough-but-comfortable shoes and a sun hat.
The company touts its diapers as being eco-friendly by offering a biodegradable disposable diaper or reusable inserts.
Roll up a bill and slip it into the the end of your disposable razor.
Some airports do provide disposable booties, but you can never rely on that.
Instead of plastic disposable utensils, the company now uses recyclable ones.
Decide what is important to you and what is disposable.
Departments hire visiting professors every year to fill disposable positions.
Search-committee chairs are busy people, dealing with dozens of applications, many of which are quickly deemed disposable.
Have some disposable cups on hand for drinking water.
Management tends toward the ideal of modularization as well as disposable parts.
But not all of the manual statistical skills are disposable.
And let's all remember the problem that is the disposable plastic water bottle.
If no one else can perform the task, wear disposable gloves and wash your hands with soap and warm water afterwards.
Hospital masks are designed to be temporary and disposable.
The underlying principle is known as the disposable soma.
And consumer culture had not yet taken off, hindered by low disposable incomes and an inefficient, state-run retail system.
They seem to have more disposable income than once thought.
The village potters now make only small disposable cups for the tea-stalls in the village bazaar.
Second, that the vast majority of e-books are persistent objects rather than disposable culture.
The old approach was to make disposable ones and sell lots of them.
Disposable plastic cutlery is not designed to be reused.
If you must use disposable items, provide compostable dishes made from corn or potato starch.
Give your children a disposable or digital camera and take them to a park or a zoo.
The biodegradable batteries are designed as a disposable power source for medical test kits.
Give each group a disposable camera to take photographs over the course of a week.
Its disposable wrapper has a tab at one end for removal and perforated edges for easy pealing.
The product may be disposable, but using paper towels is preferable to wiping bottles with a germ-laden sponge or cloth.
Disposable cameras, especially those that can go underwater, add to the fun.
What grows above ground-the tillers-is essentially disposable.
And people can carry reusable water bottles and coffee mugs rather than using disposable containers.
The current business climate certainly doesn't encourage this, and neither does the culture of disposable celebrity.
We're not all using disposable silverware and towels.
In keeping with sound environmental practices, there were no disposable plastic cups or utensils, or paper plates used.
Wean yourself off the cursed disposable plastic bottle.
They're inexpensive, flexible, and generally disposable.
Interest and need in biodegradable disposable plastic items has steadily grown over the last decade.
We have a culture in which allows possessions to be disposable.
Still, you need some disposable income, or you must be so indispensable to your employers that they will pay for it.
If you leave your camera at home on a long vacation, you can buy a disposable one.
They live in the society where everything is disposable.
The biggest problem is that this technology is expensive to make at the moment, and it isn't disposable.
It is organizations that profit from war and tend to sustain formal conflicts, not the disposable individuals fighting them.
Everything except soup comes on disposable dishware with plastic utensils.
Low- and middle-income consumers, however, do not have as much extra disposable income to increase their spending.
Gains in disposable income are key for sustainable growth in demand, but they're also a salient political indicator.
But it has gradually hollowed out journalism's brand, by making the newspaper feel disposable.
Perhaps a small bump in disposable income helped during the month.
As long as there is grime and disposable income there will be customers-no sweat.
Now, the company is introducing another innovation: eco-friendly, disposable wall tiles.
The percentage decline in real disposable income also rounds to zero.
Use disposable kitchen gloves to handle the bird more easily and keep things sanitary.
Discusses small disposable heating pads, the size of a bar of hotel soap.
They know that everything in the media is disposable.
Plus, toothbrushes are that rare combination: both disposable and expensive.
He puts her in a new disposable diaper and throws away the old one.
She put on disposable white coveralls and prepared to join in the pour.
The pan traps are disposable plastic cereal bowls filled with soapy water.
And it doesn't use disposable, wasteful batteries or rechargeable ones that have to be replaced every couple of years or less.
Get a disposable razor and take it with you downtown.
Disposable plastic toilet brushes for convenience as well as the latest trendy granite counter.
It's not that they're wallowing in money, but they certainly have enough disposable income to support their eccentricities.
Regular disposable syringes can also make their way back into the marketplace after being used.
Instead of chucking your disposable razor after four or five shaves, why not get an old-fashioned straight razor and a strop.
When you can do that with something so innocuous and disposable, all the better.
First, he fetched a disposable scalpel blade from a supply in the hallway closet.
Things that are really lightweight, cheap, and both rechargeable and disposable.
On the other hand, the un-sustainable aspect is embodied by the act of disposable blades.
Fallen leaves and steam are the unlikely ingredients of a remarkable brand of disposable plates and bowls.
Americans were spending nearly all of their disposable incomes.
These are kids with enough disposable income and not too much parental dominance.
The higher disposable-income level for fantasy geeks helps explain the industry's resiliency.
Disposable diapers are not only bad for babies' health, but also horrible for the environment.

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