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There are too many things going on in the government that displease, upset and offend him.
If students' activities displease the governing elites, they are summarily expelled from university and in many instances jailed.
Election time is always a tough time politically as no side wants to make a mistake and displease its peers.
Either decision he made would displease either labor or environmentalists, so he punted it until after the election.
Then she spake no more as at that time, for she was loth to displease him.
Let the eternal truth please thee above all things, let thine own great vileness displease thee continually.
To say truth, there is no end to her freaks whenever she is disposed to gratify or displease.
If the proposition displease, they reject it by an inarticulate murmur: if it be pleasing, they brandish their javelins.
They dare to displease, they do not speak to expectation.
Those who displease him are threatened with the tearing out of a heart or liver.
It deems that all comers are free to do as they please, as long as it doesn't displease the people next door.
The citizen in uniform fights for what he thinks right and votes against political leaders who displease him.
Grouse hunters who had long anticipated the return of grouse hunting were universally displease.
There was plenty to please and displease almost everyone.
Inevitably, their decisions may displease the political officials who initially supported them.
It is a rare court decision that does not displease someone.
Their answers may please some patrons and displease others.
The president did not want to displease either party and suggested the abolition of the office.

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