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Prominently displayed in a courtship dance, the males blue feet are important in attracting females.
The longevity of an ink jet print is the time a printed picture can be displayed before objectionable fading occurs.
Males visited the sites and displayed courtship behavior, hoping to attract females.
Your member name will then be displayed along with other members looking for a solving partner.
Other experts displayed a bottom-up style of reasoning: politics as a much messier inductive art.
The hours, minutes, and seconds are displayed on the three concentric rings.
Everyone's location will be displayed at regular, decreasing time intervals.
If the world were ordered entirely according to my liking, games would be displayed by date, not weekday.
Corpses of the executed and tortured were displayed in public as warnings, even left hanging as they decomposed.
The writing is horrible, and there is little to no critical thinking displayed in any of it.
The resulting projects are displayed and described, year by year, in the following pages.
Extract from these stories the values and interests revealed about you and the skills and attributes you displayed.
He then looks at the phone to read details of the train timetable displayed there.
Indeed it is stories, past and present, that bind together the thousands of objects displayed on the floors above.
In questionnaires they displayed no awareness of the rampant stress indicated by their cortisol measurements.
The primary market offers the work that emerges from artists' studios and is often displayed in carefully curated gallery shows.
And the whole thing is impressively fast: make changes to an itinerary and the new options are displayed instantaneously.
Until now, these works have never been displayed side by side.
The pattern is usually created by combining two laser beams, one of which has been bounced off the object being displayed.
His final ordeal might have inspired great self-pity, though he displayed no hint of it.
He rarely displayed speed-of-light intellectual skills or warmed an audience with hilarious anecdotes.
The different tripes from the first three chambers of a cow's stomach are displayed in lush folds of white and grey.
Its main service is as an auction room for advertisers, whose bidding determines how prominently their link is displayed.
On raising or removing the middle concha the lateral wall of this meatus is fully displayed.
Spencer displayed much ingenuity in fitting organic, mental and social facts into this mechanical framework.
Here the adornments of extreme wealth are tantalizingly displayed.
It displayed itself in a host of unnatural sensations.
The mystery of nature was never displayed more happily.
The talents and virtues which were displayed in that great struggle were a sure presage of all that has since followed.
And the names of its food suppliers, mostly local, are proudly displayed on wall chalkboards.
Beer, as a fermented grain-based beverage, has always displayed some degree of residual sweetness.
As for the conventions, the critics complained that both candidates displayed little savvy about the potential of the medium.
In fact, from fish due to the identical gills displayed in the human embryo.
Groceries weren't always displayed on such orderly, open-access shelving.
The only honest morality displayed by either side is white-hot indignation at the iniquities of the other side.
The scheme displayed a sophisticated insight into outsiders' mentality and interests.
Though the luster of the wunderkind was long gone, the talents he had displayed at the outset of his career had matured.
With a big, easy-to-read flip clock, the date and the weather for your current location are also displayed.
It is hardly disputable that addictive behavior can be clearly displayed in computer game playing, whether on-line or off.
X-rays of fish skeletons that scientists use to study evolutionary development are now displayed as art.
Subjects with the poorest memory recollection, the team discovered, also displayed the poorest glucose tolerance.
At the end of the four-month study period, all three groups displayed significantly lower depression rates.
After viewing each face, participants pressed a button to indicate whether the image displayed positive or negative emotion.
Yale argued that the artifacts belonged in a museum where they could be properly maintained and displayed.
Their names were clearly displayed for inspection by headhunters at rival software companies.
The team also observed cell phone-related interference in the electrocardiograph tracings displayed on monitors.
Good singers and bad ones displayed no difference in vocal range.
Some were displayed under bright lights or left in humid rooms, leading to fungal growth, metal corrosion and degraded plastics.
Once processed there, pieces of the protein would be displayed on the cell surface.
Then you listen to several others that are displayed on the screen and see if you can select a match.
Irreplaceable objects are routinely transported and displayed.
Different timelines can be combined and displayed on the same page or merged.
If malware is on the device, it can take over what is displayed, so a confirmation can be thwarted.
Any of the information displayed on the surface can be dismissed by sweeping a hand across the projected images.
Video display units allowed command line information to be displayed more rapidly.
Emerging designers from all over the world displayed the latest mesh of chic designs and technological innovation.
The phone then permits the user to cycle thru the various combinations if the first one displayed is not what is required.
Importantly, when exposed to low doses of particular drugs over periods of weeks, the cells displayed chronic toxicity.
And over the years his emails displayed accurate tech knowledge.
But that didn't explain the early talent for creative riffing that the bird displayed.
But she displayed inexplicable naivete by accepting a job in which she had no chance of succeeding.
The heads of dissenters were displayed on these wonderful walls.
In the place of the confiscated artworks the copies of the police receipt were displayed.
Everywhere citizens shouted their opinions, or displayed them on placards.
Mostly he kept his head down as they were displayed on two bulletin boards.
He displayed strikingly little emotion about his family during questioning, but did agree to take a polygraph.
The discipline he displayed when running for mayor is not there.
The poster must be displayed where employees and applicants for employment can readily observe it.
The register of actions will be displayed when a case number is selected.
Only markets that reported their type of market location will be displayed.
Most of the material has never before been published or even publicly displayed.
He called for art to be displayed in libraries and universities, and in some cases to be sold in department stores.
But he consistently displayed an indifference to reality which went deeper than his propaganda techniques.
In the top right hand corner of the screen, the version of your current operating system will be displayed.
At the simplest level, an ebook can simply be a text file displayed by a reading program.
It is all to easy to see the impending disaster from which peoples actions are displayed today.
They paid unabashed homage to anyone who displayed valor.
Her valves were normal in thickness and displayed barely a touch of prolapse.
The showroom is where they displayed caskets and there were no bodies there.
The graphics are quite good, and there is real information displayed and used in the game that provide lots of teachable moments.
When they displayed their own temperature findings, he breathed easier.

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