displacement in a sentence

Example sentences for displacement

His was the solitude, self-doubt and restlessness of dislocation and displacement.
My displacement activities always involve something physical.
The surveys also reaffirmed his belief that e-books are not a displacement technology, particularly in the short term.
Katrina rivaled the 1930s dust bowl in the displacement of poor people.
Light is a displacement in electric and magnetic fields.
It took them 40 attempts to work out the water displacement formula.
Our community fabric has been shredded by displacement and homelessness.
The idea was to consider notions of displacement in an area associated with generations of immigrants.
Mackey sets out on a terrifying, inspiring spiritual quest, taking on cultural displacement and the ruins of communal identity.
This is a displacement strategy that trumps ethanol as a replacement strategy.
Ice, some said, is a rip-off—so much tragic beverage displacement and dilution.
Online courses have long been a boon for soldiers who want to participate in college despite geographic displacement.
The lax falciform ligament certainly gives no support though it probably limits lateral displacement.
They're big, heavy, and have large displacement gasoline engines.
Potential repercussions could range from food shortages to increased episodes of tribal conflict and displacement.
Software programmers are taking the displacement of personal agency to a new level.
But the model's predictions about hot spot displacement have not been observed in real life.
The displacement was infinitesimal on the scale of the sky, and a measure of impressive navigational precision.
In the short run, however, moderation is suggested to reduce job displacement and market disorder.
Relatively heavy for its displacement, it is a strong and reasonably powerful engine with good parts availability.
Dancers drag her across the floor, driving home the idea of displacement.
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