dispirited in a sentence

Example sentences for dispirited

We're discussing it-really, we're having a dispirited argument.
No-shows mean sparsely attended sessions and dispirited panels.
Even some one who comes so often as to be entirely at home, is apt to feel dispirited upon being shown into an empty house.
Its divided, dispirited managers also need decisive leadership.
Dispirited candidates are therefore indeed frequent.
When asked why, he grew sad and dispirited, and said that he was too emotionally caught up in the tragedy.
But the writer remains dispirited by the impoverishment that comes with this closing of the mind to novelty.
The players have looked tired and dispirited and out-of-sorts.
Yesterday, dispirited people found it their duty to rapidly reconstruct an intricate financial system.
Dispirited soldiers were poorly clothed and undernourished.
It is also a time for short tempers and for dispirited efficiency.
His people were greatly reduced in number and dispirited from fighting off the advance of white settlers and smallpox.

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