dispenser in a sentence

Example sentences for dispenser

As a dispenser of grades he is a gatekeeper to worldly success.
As a judge she's found surer footing and is often the only reliable dispenser of sound musical advice on the panel.
One had been converted into a feed dispenser for livestock.
She is on the road as a tireless, cheerful dispenser of her own healthy living message.
After the dispenser conducts a hose leak test, it fills the car in about five minutes.
Product labeling on the dispenser is intended to inform the consumer of what type of fuel and grade they are purchasing.
The following information is given as a reference to the dispenser certification test only.
Statement that the dispenser provides services under a specified private or public insurance or health care plan.
Dispenser must be de-energized prior to service to avoid personal injury.
Barricade work area to block vehicle access to the dispenser.
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