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Example sentences for dispensation

Academics have access to more of their data than the public through a special dispensation.
But as these instruments mature, this special dispensation will expire, and they will have to use undated replacements.
The statistics also showed a decline in the number of priests receiving dispensation from their vows.
And servants of the colonial regime still play important roles under the new dispensation.
Partnerships risking their own capital would live and die under the old dispensation.
Worse, the study ignores the fact that condom dispensation was quickly followed by a sharp increase in annual student pregnancies.
Yet the dispensation that has guided the kingdom for the past five decades has weakened.
Americans their dispensation only on condition that they aspire upward.
He is much taken with her beauty and considers asking for a dispensation to marry her, which encourages her greatly.
The children had to get dispensation from daytime fasting to take their pills.
The dispensation for mini-med plans is for one year.
And it needs no dispensation for novelty: it stands beautifully on its own merits.
Except for the last part, the final dispensation of the case--that was an evolving case--that was an evolving matter.
Prescription and dispensation of d rugs for animal use.

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